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  • joelsilver29 joelsilver29 Nov 9, 2013 2:38 PM Flag

    Se-this is a MUST read


    SEC filing dated June 21 2012, 13D filing by Shultze Asset Management SUPERMEDIA, ticker symbol SPMD
    In a 10 page "plain english" read, Schultze gives a birds eye view into his rationale for why SPMD and DEXO should have merged immediately prior to said merger...the same rationale given for that merger is the exact same rationale for why a very near term merger or outright buyout will happen in the near term...Almost everything I have been advocating as to why a buyout will occur in the very near term can be explained when you read and study that 13D filing..Once you read this you will come to the exact same conclusion that I did..all the big players in DXM are talking right now about a very big deal...I promise you will not be dissapointed if u read this filing

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    • Hey Joelsniveler: Here is a "must read " : Dumpdexo predicted the drop to under $5 while you were pumping your everliving head off. Get lost

      Sentiment: Sell

    • i believe you're talking about the filing where he says something about how the turnaround requires time and good execution. 0% digital growth and over 20% print declines isn't an indicator of good execution. so, you're saying you think yp will buy dex media in the very near term? please define very near term. based on your definition of that, let's wait and see if it comes true. ;-)

      oh, and i'm familiar with the filing you're talking about. i've read it, and i fail to come to the exact same conclusion that you have. sorry, i just don't see it. i think you're desperately trying to justify to yourself why you continue to hold this stock, and that's causing you to hold on to some pretty big false hopes. cerberus doesn't want this, and i think that at&t wants it even less. yp will not buy dxm anytime soon.

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