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  • lawshark93999 lawshark93999 Jan 13, 2014 1:33 PM Flag

    Its a mathematical certainty that the old line yellow pages will merge

    based upon the very survival of their enterprises...and survive they will..seanoise is correct that there will be no merger with DXM unless their cancerous debt gets under will happen but its going to take a while...Mergers will have to happen because the competition will be too cuthroat, yahoo, citysearch, and yes yelp (its world ranking in website traffic is 134th) as I said its valuation is ridiculously right now, but lets be honest it will be a major competitor..but with that said a combine of YP and DXM and /or Yellowmedia and or yellow book would be a major contender in the digital ad space..its a no brainer to assume that YP would be banging down the door of DXM to buy said co. right now if their debts were south of 750 million instead of being about 2.85 billion..again in a wierd way I hope that the 4th quarter is disastrous, that way DXM can eliminate some major debts with pocket change..last year they took out 150 million at 28 cents on the dollar..Id like to see more of that

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    • i'm willing to relax my position against a yp merger ever so lightly here. so far, i have said that the merger would only make sense after a few years once dxm gets the debt situation a little more under control. i think the merger would make a lot of sense in that situation for various reasons, and it would be interesting to see all of the ma bell companies come back together under one advertising umbrella. but, where i'm willing to back off a little is that if the stars align perfectly, the merger may even make sense before then. any flutters in the macro economy may play a factor, good or bad, depending on how it plays out. if it does happen, i don't see a huge merger premium on top of the current price, but who knows?

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