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  • lawshark93999 lawshark93999 Mar 19, 2014 2:33 PM Flag

    Seanoise u are making a HUGE mistake shorting this company

    I used to accept seanoise's assertion that he was not short but when u read between the lines, everytime someone posts something about rosy prospects of DXM, Seanoise gets very anxious and angry..I am convinced we will go much much higher, but it will take alot longer than most on this board think..The point is that anyone who is going short here will ultimately get burned very badly..and that includes seanoise.....

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    • please show me where i have been angry.


      in fact, considering the constant insults that you through your varias aliases (at least lawshark, vertowhatever and joelsilver...who knows what other aliases) and novice have thrown my way, i have been quite calm and polite.

      by the way, lorenzo is posting rosy prospects about dxm, and i haven't said anything about it.

      thanks for playing.

      i'd tell you if i was short. like i have said before...i definitely should have shorted this back in may last year. it was a mistake not to. if i was short, i would proudly tell you.

      again, the emphasis on trying to discredit me is very telling.

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