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  • jeeree234 jeeree234 Jan 10, 2008 1:02 PM Flag

    Things Are Really Bad When Bernanke..

    ....has to take to the airways earlier than planned to allay fears of an economic calamity. The rate cut is his greatest tool for recovery. Rate cutting should be saved for when unemployment, foreclosures, bank failures and economic collapse intensify even more. What happens when things get really really bad and the rate cuts are all used up. Guess, maybe, he thinks we are on the verge of depression now.

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    • [The rate cut is his greatest tool for recovery.]

      Recovery from what? The problem is inflated asset prices due to lax lending. Rate cuts will not fix that; people will not borrow money - the ones that can still qualify - to buy an asset (house) that is falling in value. Asset prices must and will fall. Rate cuts have been tried and have not worked - they will not help HBs. We've seen this before.

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