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  • chad121177 chad121177 May 22, 2009 12:47 AM Flag

    Economy has bottomed, HUGE recovery on the way

    And who will prosper more than anyone?? Ryland Homes which in my humble opinion is the next google. Peoaple are just lining up right now ready to buy cheap real estate because they know that ben bernanke and timmy kikener is going to do what it takes to fix everything and rumor has it that they are good friends with ryland home executives. And a friend of a friend told me that mr bill gates and warren buffet might jump in at these bargain basement prices to invest in a good ol american bellwether homebuilder and choose Ryland. God i love this company and stock because it just makes me feel great waking up knowing i own a piece of this wonderful company. I think i will take my wonderful new girlfriend out this weekend to any restaurant she wants to wine and dine her because i know Ryland is going to make me rich and i'll just charge it now and pay for it later when this bellwether takes off. I don't have much money now but i do have lines of credit that i can charge up so i think i'll live on the edge for a little while because Ryland is about to break loose and split several times over the next 5 years. I will be able to live wealthy just off of the dividend alone. I'll be hanging out in high class fancy bars, sipping on gin and juice and sampling all the wonderful women this amazing country has to offer me. I like black women, asian women, puerto rican women and occasionally i'll bang a white one if i'm drunk enough. God i'm getting so excited as i type this and can't wait to live the good life. I worked as a gas station clerk and saved up alot of money in the past 6 months and put it all in Ryland Homes stock. Now it's time to sit back and live like a rich elephant. The bottom is in and Ryland will win so open up that bottle of gin because it's time to grin.
    Roses are red, stocks are cheap
    If you short this company, i promise you will weep.
    America is good, America is great
    Buy Ryland stock today and you'll win yourself a date
    With the most prestigious woman in town
    Because you are now no longer a clown
    You are a rich filthy Pig
    Thanks to Ryland hitting it Big.

    Ok thanks guys and please buy some Ryland stock so you can join me in the lifestyle of riches and bitches. We can hang out in all the bars down in south beach and bang whoever we want, whenever we want. We'll get special discounts because Ryland Homes is a major player down in florida so come join the life of party with me. Own a piece of wealth in Ryland Homes!!!


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    • You're a loser. Are you still posting on this board after having lost your ass over the past several years going long this stock? Give up. Stop investing and stop posting. It's pathetic.

      Oh, and housing is still going to get killed over the next several years. Fool.

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      • Why are you so mean and hateful to me just because i am positive on a great american bellbether?? I think you're just jealous because you know Ryland is going to be the next google. People have always hated and been the most jealous of the greatest winners in our time. They hated on babe ruth, they hated on fried chicken, they hated on jordan, they hated on reagan, they hated on bush and they even hated on microsoft but the things that receive the most hate are the greatest winners in the world and Ryland Homes is no different my friends. My god i love this company!!! Don't be so jealous man. Just join the lifelong party that Ryland is about to give us by taking us to the promiseland


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