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  • johngunn51 johngunn51 May 23, 2009 4:21 PM Flag

    Heavy Insider Selling

    Timothy J. Geckle 60,000 shares on May 15. Put $1.2mil in his pocket. The other insiders selling in May are too numerous to mention. The people that know more about this crappy business lining up to get their personal golden parachutes out of an overpriced stock.

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    • No they are required to sell once they purchase their options. They do this on a regular basis to avoid just this type of stupidity. This Stock will be around $30 shortyly. Have you guys not been paying attention. No love for you shorties.

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      • Jcc--You are wrong--they do NOT have to sell options shares--just the opposite,an officer usually only exercises shares that will expire--which is not the case here--or will exercise and then sell ASAP because he or she believes stock is overvalued--the exercise and immediate sell speaks volumes about where this stock is headed-down--have you looked at Case/schillier index today and the huge increase in foreclosures--this company cannot make money for years!! We have another 10-15% down in houses prices and then 2-3 years with flat prices--RYL land bought at top of mkt--look at where this stock traded in the 90's-a single digit stock for 6-7 years--this stock will hit single digits this summer.