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  • chad121177 chad121177 Jul 9, 2009 1:21 PM Flag

    milu tell me michael jackson die of food poisoning

    milu tell me mj die cause he ate a ten year old weiner. milu smart man and no good value in stock and end people. milu my best friend and good china man. all women love his huge wee-wee. milu say michale jackson was good man and love childern and was very good to them. he fed them, partied with them, clothed them, and even blew them if you were 10 year old boy. milu say parents' were lucky to send there chilren to never never land to see big mike cause big mike would take care of there little boys spike.

    roses are red, flowers are gay
    mike jackson is dead what can i say?
    my parent send me to never never land when i was 10
    because they heard mj needed me in the den
    but when i showed up all i saw were animals in there pen
    and then out of knowhere mj appear
    standing their with his pants bulging from his spear
    i say hey mike, hey mike, why you pants grow like that?
    he say, bend over and get on the matt
    i say, why mike, why mike cause i cant ruin my new hat
    then he pulled out his baseball bat
    i didn't like him being a queer
    so i stole his nose and got the hell outta here
    i thought the media would want to buy his nose
    but all they could ask, was how was his hose?
    ill never forget ol mike jackson til i die
    cause he look and smell like rotten cum pie