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  • techno3454 techno3454 Oct 10, 2009 11:04 AM Flag

    Tiotal Fraud and manipulation

    May be later, now it is a traders stock (not an investment stock)....either you get it or you don't...
    Fundamentals mean squat for now....all those Oct puts and short positions will be melted before expiration Friday...before any of what you think may or may not happen...

    Trade and learn my friend....

    we will see the 22.50 area broken next week and the 24 area will decide what happens next....

    Price is KING ! in trading...
    So, don't push your with the trend....short term trend says..we will see 24 before we see a downturn...


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    • There are very few puts above 21. There are a lot at 19.

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      • Unless you have a software that figures that is not accurate to take it from the open interests alone. Even the $19 puts have dropped big time in the last few days...meaning people are covering or moving into bullish, the stock is moving higher...(even though it doesn't make sense fundamentally..)

        Still...just add all that are out-of-the money puts and determine how much stock they represent plus the more than 7 million shares short as of Sept. 10 (17% of float)and sense the urgency to cover those positions in short order, that will push the stock higher for the short term (that could be just until expiration) and then the stock may tank....

        So, the WS crooks don't care if fundamentals look bad for what they want the stock to do for few days....then they will start trading the other way... gotta love it !


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