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  • reaflare reaflare Oct 5, 2010 1:49 PM Flag


    BOARD--nobody recongized how poor RYL was doing until CS final focused and issued a sell rating. RYL has no competitive advantage and ave locations and poor margins, and backlog is horrific. It will definitely lose money this Q and next, so BV continues to erode--same with KBH. At least the likes of NVR and MDC and TOL have good balances sheets and have niche's that they are good at. Watch for this stock to be in the $12's after it's CC late this month.

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    • Strong Buy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SAID.

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      • Read HOV release today--still has large losses with no hope of earnings. RYL is in same position albeit it's balance sheet is not as bad as HOV or KBH. Most smart money following builder's believe this stock -RYL- will be a single digit stock because it's BV continues to go down. Their next release will not be good. Just a question of when not if this stock falls to below it's BV. Good Luck on your timing--if you must own a HB then at least NVR and TOL and MDC have a chance of breaking even next yr assuming that housing mkt actually picks up second half of the yr.


      I was not aware Ryland built in New york. In Houston the are one of thr top builders. STRONG BUY!!!!!

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      • jcor--Look at the nationwide locations--the proof is in the pudding. Ryl had the largest falloff in net new orders this past Q than any other national builder and it's dollar volume backlog is now at it's all time low, even lower than 4th Q '09--it lost a ton of money last Q and has to lose a ton this Q because it has no meaningful backlog--it now will be a single digit stock very soon. The last Conf Call even surprised me on how bad their results were. Good Luck.

    • How do you figure RYL's balance sheet is significantly worse then your favorites? I don't understand with the same bad news already factored in to housing stocks why suddenly you think they would depart from the market as a whole.

      In any event, sure the price could go down to $12 give or take- only if the entire market tanks as well. And the other HB's would go down with it, perhaps a bit less or even more than RYL.

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      • RYL has no competitive advantage--it's locations are average and building quality average. It cannot make money this Q or next yr. There is no reason to own this stock. It's BV is still going down--it should be trading below BV. Toll at least has a focused business model and NVR and MDC better balance sheets. Wait till you see next week's earnings, or should I say losses. It will not be pretty and backlog will be down from last yr as well as new orders. So why shouldn't stock price drop--answer--it will IMHO Good Luck.

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