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  • buy97 buy97 Apr 27, 1998 4:47 PM Flag

    call returned

    My call was returned by Susan Kass (sp?) from the company, and her feedback was that there seemed to be concern in the
    market regarding interest rates, and that the whole home building sector had dropped similar amounts today. She had no particular
    information to respond to the 25 percent drop in two or three days trading, and said their wall street reviews since the earnings (which
    outdid expectations) were positive. Additionally, she stated that since backlogged orders were up, they were positive on the
    outlook for future earnings.
    I guess time will tell, but I will be checking the Washington Post to see if there is anything more Ryland specific in the business section. If anyone is out there, I'll post again. Good luck.

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    • Get in sit, down and hang on!

    • i was trying to figure out why, after their blow
      out (positively) last quarter earnings, the stock
      price was going down. It was announced yesterday that
      they settled a 1994 RTC related case for 7.7m, which
      will obviously significantly impact this FY figures
      (which otherwise would certainly have been outstanding).
      Nevertheless, at these prices it is still well undervalued. If
      I were buying stock presently, which I am not, this
      would be close to the top of the list. I will not sell
      any at close to these prices, and will only sell some
      of my holding if it does get back in to the area
      where it was in the spring. If not, I will keep
      holding. Good luck.

    • You may be wise to wait until January to sell,
      not only for capital gain considerations. A source I
      know says Ryland has a strong book of home sales that
      will be credited to the final 3 months of the year. He
      said they usually report very strong revenues in the
      final 3 months, but this year in particular, he expects
      a 20% increase over Wall Street estimates.
      Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal ran an article showing
      the home building market beating estimates soundly. I
      haven't had this positive a feeling about a stock since I
      talked to an animator about Pixar last year. We can only
      hope its that good.........

    • you been in? Of course, the company went over 30
      earlier this year. I did not sell at that time in large
      part because, having been in since 1/97, I'd be paying
      28 percent CGT on most of the proceeds (since it had
      more than doubled since I bought it) and waiting until
      this month means I'd "only" have to pay 20%. It has
      made a nice recovery in the last two months, but has
      further to go before I sell any. I bought in two phases,
      and plan to sell in two phases as well, tho the price
      must appreciate significantly from here before I sell
      any, and I'd buy more if it went down much.
      and good luck.

    • This down does not bother me a bit. Given the
      extremely low volume....MM is trying to get in at lower
      price so they may have set the price artificially low.
      I have seen this behaving this way before. As far
      as value goes, this stock still has at least 15% up
      to go before it hits a fair value which to me is
      still a conservative number. With the housing market so
      hot lately, plus strong economy and low interest
      rate. I have no doubt that the expected earning for 2nd
      quarter will minimum meet street's expectation. Now, the
      fun part is when if it goes like 10 or 12% over
      estimate...Oh boy, can't wait to see it hit 29 or 30.

    • the company is not exactly being very forthcoming
      in re news, and seems to have stabilized in the
      25-26 area (risky statement with todays move from just
      over 26 down to 25). This is the area of the
      fundamental value, which was the basis of my opinion in late
      April or early May, when the stock was around 20, that
      it would quickly return to about this level. I think
      movements presently may well be rumours on earnings, but I
      am sitting quietly and waiting for more news or
      movement. Much up, I sell (I initially bought at 13 7/8
      just over 18 months ago, so would take profits if I
      thought the co was over valued); much down, I buy (as I
      did on the way down at 23 3/4 on 4/24, which turned
      out to be a little too early, given that it carried
      on down below 20).
      Good luck.

    • This board has been quietly for month
      now....Com'on guys, I know since I posted last time, the stock
      has run up about 30%....How about another 20 to 25%
      up until earning posting? Sure, why not, It's gotta

    • After the G&S upgrade the MM push the price right
      to the 52 week high within the next weeks to be
      prepared that this stock is still undervalued.

      Wondering why we do have less msgs posted here so far.
      Maybe the stock isn�t that attractive for Online
      traders, which is good because it prevent from any

      The volume is still low, but will increasing soon, as
      professional investors finished their research on this stock
      by end of the week

      Good luck!

    • I bought a home for my in laws at the Ryland
      project in Murrieta, Calif. My in laws are very happy
      with their retirement home and in fact my mother in
      law now works part time in their sales office as a
      receptionist. She says that on the weekends they have over 300
      perspective buyers a day come through the models. The
      project, The Colony, was suppose to sell out by next June,
      now Ryland is projecting it will be sold out by
      Janury of 99. My mother in law says that at the present
      sale rate it will be sold out even sooner. With all
      this good news and the booming economy in Calif., I
      don't see how Ryland or a builder like Lennar can't
      help but make big money in the next two or three
      years. I bought some stock in both companies last month
      and I believe that both will be winners.

    • Not wanting to distribute "mindless pap" I'll
      keep this fairly short. The sudden drop in the stock
      price is no way going to be caused my your sons chimney
      falling down. Now, if 100 chimneys fell down, that could
      have done it, but this tremendously fast fall in stock
      price simply would not be caused by one case of poor
      building. I agree that management should do a better job of
      ensuring the product is safe and well built, but most
      builders mess up sometimes . . .
      I understand the
      personal reason why you would be a bear (the professional
      view that the stock is poor cos management should
      ensure this never happens is, in my view, unrealistic),
      but looking at the company as a whole, it certainly
      fits my definition of undervalued. Of course I am
      long, and am waiting for a recovery. I wish you luck in
      getting appropriate compensation for the defect, and am
      glad no-one got hurt.

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