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  • buy1997 buy1997 Aug 30, 1999 12:47 PM Flag

    Current price (25)

    is ridiculous. The balance sheet is solidified
    (switched from short term to long term debt), the earnings
    are consistently setting records, back-orders are
    increased, current PE under 8, and the price is going down??
    I just bought more, and now have 2600 shares. I
    figure this one is under the radar screen to most in the
    market (like this board), but I am confident the co's
    continued execution of their business plan will result in
    stock catching up eventually. It was higher fifteen
    months ago than it is today, and things are MUCH better
    now for the co than they were then. Short of some
    disaster in the company, I cannot see this being under 35
    in six months, and a 40% return over 6 months is
    fine by me.

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    • I am pretty much talking to myself, but I just
      backed up the truck and loaded up. The news that I was
      wondering about, mysteriously causing this stock to drop,
      appears to have been a) getting the credit line increased
      from 300m to 375m, and b) the purchase (albeit for an
      undisclosed price, which I do not like) a small Baltimore
      builder. Big whup, the co is about to report over $4/sh in
      earnings for the TTM, and so the PE is about to be under
      5.5. I think they can buy the occasional small company
      and finance the debt to acquire a co building about
      120 houses a year. This valuation makes absolutely no
      sense to me. I have loaded up, most recently at around
      22. I note the close today was 21 1/4. If I was not
      already loaded up, I have have 4,000 shares, I would buy
      more. As it is, I will just wait for earnings and a
      turn around and be patient, this co will rise far from