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  • frankyassissi frankyassissi May 1, 2014 10:00 AM Flag

    time to impeach brown boy

    he lied and contributed to slaughter of 4 American heroes. He went to sleep and got up for a Vegas fundraiser. Don't forget the apology you and i paid for on pakistani tv featuring hillary and brown boy

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    • Agreed, but I like to refer to his complexion as being.........."dusky"......put that word in your vocabulary when it comes to describing this future convict. Not only is his skin dusky but so is his morality.

    • left them to die, so he could win an election. could not get more sickening

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      • Kevin, not only did he do that, he armed the Al-Qaeda operatives that did the dirty deed, he armed the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt. obama is not working for us, he is working to expel the infidels from the lands of the Faithful, unite Muslims and create a new Islamic caliphate.

        When Hillary was secretary of state, one of her advisors Huma Abedin who is married to #$%$ perv Anthony Weiner, and is related to members of the Muslim Brotherhood. No new information, just same ole same ole of the obama Administration & no one will say or do anything about it!!! Legal American Citizens need a PRO-AMERICAN President that will protect them, the U.S. Constitution, & enforce all Laws of the U.S.A.

        I'm just getting warmed up VROOOM VROOM..someone MUST take drastic actions. Do most people know obama is a muslim/communist using #$%$ tactics. Is there any doubt he is the enemy, destroyer and son of satan bent on the destruction of America; it’s people, Constitution, culture? Has anyone in politics done one damn thing to challenge obama and his comrades? Hasn’t obama tried his best to harm the military, economy, family, Christianity, freedom? He has promoted homosexuals, abortion, destruction of the military and benefits to them. Destroyed America as a nation of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and given them benefits most natural citizens don’t enjoy. Hasn’t he tried to destroy every amendment in the Bill of Rights? Hasn’t he defied and broken the Constitution completely? Enforcing and NOT enforcing it at will as if there is no Constitution? Hasn’t he mortgaged your children’s and grandchildren’s future to give OUR tax money to the welfare cheats. He is not helping the middle class or the poorer/lower class. He will kill tens of thousands in the near future via obamacare. He will bankrupt families to give them worthless healthcare insurance. He has lied dozens of times daily. He has killed our Seals, 2 agents and 4 Americans at Benghazi. I GOT MORE!

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