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  • daybyday123456789 daybyday123456789 Jan 3, 2008 3:15 PM Flag

    Les Moonves is an idiot! Lost 400 million on Westwood!

    Les Moonves is an idiot. He trusted Deutsche Bank and Ubs to handle Westwood one. Meanwhile he watched Won stock go from the $20's to $2. CBS owns 16 million shares plus millions of warrants. What kind of idiot would let a 400 million dollar investment go to 32 million. He he turned his back on this, who knows what he will do with CBS. You wonder why CBS stock is down to $26. I guess CBS doesn't need 400 million directly to the bottom line.

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    • Great!
      I geuss I should buy the stock because Les Moonves is a rich idiot that takes care of himself and not the shareholders. Also rumor has it Les sold all his Won stock at $11. But CBS shareholders own 20 million shares of Won stock now at $1.50. You wonder why CBS stock is now $23.

    • "What kind of idiot would let a 400 million dollar investment go to 32 million?"

      An idiot who gets paid millions of dollars annually and does not have to risk any of his own money.

      An idiot who, when things go wrong, looses your money not his.

      An idiot who makes the lions share of the profit if things go right.

      An idiot who will never have to work again when this job is over -- nomatter how it goes.

      An idiot who will have millions in retirement. How much will you have?

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