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  • moodygrasshopper2001 moodygrasshopper2001 Dec 11, 2006 11:06 AM Flag

    you should not be out of ssri

    The "expert" on this board has said that he sells the upper channel and swing trades. And, now he sees a selloff in ssri to 26-27. If, he does what he posts, then he sold at about 29 at best, the top of the channel. And, now he is out and has probably influenced a few holders to sell as well. He has posted that he taught technical analysis at the graduate level, which is obviously complete baloney. I said before that listening to this guy will not make you money. Those of you who sold, what do you do now if you want to own this stock? This guy will keep you in a so so stock or a lousy stock but you will be out of a great stock.

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    • The proof is in the portfolio. All these jokers with their 20/20 hindsight swing trades are full of it. I've been in since 5 bucks and change, and posted when I bought. So I'm up 6x, I'd bet none of these hot-shots are. Although I'm sure they'll claim to have sold every interim high and bought every low....

      buy and hold, sleep at night, I'm investing for me and my family, not to spray on a message board...

    • On the current situation, I would agree SSRI could be headed for the high 30's -- in this case, SS' short-volatility option replication could be extremely costly.

      The stock acts like it wants to move higher fast. Year-end is in its favor now as well, and you have dormant idiot bashers like "Yank" and the others joining Deep at just the wrong time.

      Good luck.

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