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  • capital_gain_investman capital_gain_investman Sep 4, 2008 2:30 PM Flag



    Buy on false move below $20 for upside objectives to $32, $44 within 6 months!

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    • I see no reason to buy.
      This stocks is very weak.
      All it does is decline.
      If Silver does not go up,
      they will run out of money
      and production will be stopped.
      And the stock will fall under $10.

      What buy signal? Time to take
      your losses. Now or at 17?
      How much pain can you tolerate.
      Try using a 10% stop loss.
      Buy on weakness and limit your losses. Another trick. Only buy
      stocks over their 50-day mvg.avg.

      It's pretty simple. But you wouldn't be in the pickle you're now in.

    • never catch a falling knife!
      Today a new 52W low.


      I could not post the entire message so if you want to read it go to the above web address and click on Ted Butler commentary. You need to go to the website for the full story.

      September 2, 2008

      Fact Versus Speculation

      What’s happening in the silver and gold markets is, without a doubt, the most sordid scheme in the history of finance. It makes a mockery of financial regulation and the rule of law. It allows a large financial entity, or entities, to rip off the investing public and gouge them for obscene profits.

      It is cronyism, back-room dealing, market fixing and inside information at its worst. I am terribly disappointed and dismayed that such a thing could happen in our great country.

      In the following paragraphs I will outline and explain how a major bank or banks, in likely concert with the U.S. government, pulled off financial shenanigans that will literally take your breath away. This is an outrage that cannot be allowed to stand.

      The recent revelations in the CFTC’s Bank Participation Report for August provided stunning proof of concentration and manipulation in the COMEX silver and gold futures markets. Two U.S. banks held a short position in COMEX silver futures, as of August 5, of 33,805 contracts, or almost 170 million ounces, an increase of 138 million ounces in one month.

    • Based on what? Hot air is cheap!

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