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  • whartonmba99 whartonmba99 May 13, 2013 3:03 PM Flag

    with the FED stopping the printing press, and the US dollar getting stronger

    gold and silver`s future is in jeopardy in the short run.

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    • Yes, maybe in the short run, but as soon as the economy roars back, you will see interest rates go back to 5-6%, which means that interest on the national debt (estimate to be 20 trillion + at the end of Obama's Term), will be over a trillion dollars a year. Thats the triggerpoint where hyperinflation can kick in. There is no way to pay that interest, without printing more money. I have little confidence we can escape without a bout of hyperinflation. Gold and Silver will soar at that point.

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      • interests going up is bad for gold, silver, and all commodities. actually we will see deflation not hyper inflation like you suggest. think about it,high interest rates makes borrowing expensive therefore less demand for cash. for sure the us dollar will rise in value, making it unnecessary to use gold as a safe haven. when rates were dropping 2009 to now, gold and silver rose, the opposite will now come true as rates rise. the printing of more money is what attracts people to gold and silver but of late things have been moving in the opposite direction. the markets are now anticipating a rate increase hence the rise in insurance company stocks etc. its a gamble at this time with gold, silver, oil, copper etc. buy insurance companies...AIG, VOYA, GNW and European banks Barclays, LYG, Bank of Scotland.

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