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  • whartonmba99 whartonmba99 May 15, 2013 11:20 AM Flag

    fork this shyte, reaching boiling point

    if silver prices continue to fall, sooner or later bigger issues such as financing will start to come up just like with gold juniors.also opportunity cost is sinking in.

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    • I already boiled over. This is hard to believe. Some powerful people are trying to break the Gold and silver markets and are doing a good job of it. I don't trust any of this. Once they drive it down far enough we will find out that they have been accumulating all along. I am now down too far to get out and must wait till I get my money back. So much for my brokers sage advise to diversify into gold and silver. He is no longer my broker. Good luck

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      • Titus, While I applaud your conviction, I am reminded that discipline trumps conviction every time. The opportunity cost you are paying will outweigh you getting back to even. Will the corporate offices of SSRI hang a plaque on its wall for your loyalty? I think not.
        My technicals show that a 3-print on this is not totally out of the question. As silver falls or even just does not move up, every day SSRI will be losing money. By the time silver moves up on inflation worries, their cost of borrowing will become prohibitive.
        I believe SSRI is fundamentally a good company. I am waiting for a capitulation to enter this. Good luck.

      • I believe we will see silver come back with a vengeance. The question is when? According to the charts, every 4 yrs silver hits a low and a high follows. April marks the 4yr low, but it might be May of course, 12-13months no biggie. Silver seems to bottom with total panic and when the selling is totally exhausted and this is why I feel we are going to make a run at the 21 dollar low and bottom, maybe 19 or so and the it's up from there. It could be a sharp snap back up past 25.00, and then a fill to the last 35.00 high and then beyond to a new record high. A short squeeze along with investors getting in on the buy side will give us that quick snap up and fill to 35.00. Inflation along with the supply and demand issue will both play in also.And the euphoria in the stock market will also come to an abrupt end causing the precious metals to be in favor. Silver isn't as collectable because of the storage space issue and delivery costs as opposed to the heavier metal GOLD, but it tends to trade along the same path historically and should continue to. As someone mentioned here a lot of silver has already been bought, orders were unfillable in recent wks, but yet the demand was almost non-existant at the same time. When the squeeze comes and there's none to be had, GUESS WHAT! 40.00-70.00 EASY! Hang in there, the market is a bubble, the new housing market is all but fake, and there is no real job recovery, just printed $$ that will be worth the paper it's printed on when the turd finally hits the fan. But SILVER and GOLD will always be REAL, and there to run to when the going gets rough again.

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