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  • chris.phord Aug 15, 2013 3:02 AM Flag

    Silver is heading higher

    Silver has bottomed and is heading much higher. SSRI will follow 2 fold at least along the way and possibly 3 to 5 if we get lucky. Smart profits are making there way back into silver. With silver's performance trading at such an extreme difference relative to the S&P there is no reason why some profits won't flow into this commodity. The timing is right but appears risky. It's quite the contrary. The dollar is heading downward and is ready to find the line in the sand. The move could be fueled by inflation that has not yet been a strong influence on the price of silver. Inflation is getting close and may result in significant life changing events among low income workers. We all know what the endpoint will be. The price of silver will rise until inflation hits and minimum wage workers can't afford to live. Until then ride silver upwards.

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    • Best post on this board for months chris, good job. Hope you hold some AGQ and SLW, i loaded up on all and reaping the rewards today. Note-i like to trade ZSL and AGQ, when my ZSL stop triggered last week I bought AGQ. Likewise when my AGQ stop triggers (at 22) i will probably buy ZSL depending on market conditions but the trade works for me, try it....

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