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  • jwalker_47_99 jwalker_47_99 Feb 8, 2005 11:34 AM Flag

    Being a shareholder....

    I think its wise to cut out all of the fat and start bringing in illegals to do the job for $8/hour wo benefits instead of continuing to pay $15/hour with benefits to the employees. They've showed enough red ink and if fortune 500 companies are being allowed to get away with "Knowingly" hiring illegals then Vishay needs to be allowed as well. Look at it like this...if they're(companies) going to allowed to continue wage submission to the American worker then the American worker should be allowed to recoup his lost wages through the capital gains of the companies that are breaking the law. The funny thing is all of the people knowingly breaking the law also say that the illegals are smart. Why then just utilize them for manual labor jobs? Last I looked Americans struggle at all aspects of work so I say start letting them have the white and blue collar jobs. Don't discriminate.

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    • I guess we will never see management jobs outsourced to low labor cost countries. Of course, if jobs switch to Wal Mart style wages, there will be little opportunity for the displaced worker to buy stocks and reap the benefits of capital gains from companies that only hire illegals at low wages. Abroad, Vishay still needs huge tax incentives to site their plants so I guess they are no better than welfare recipients, except at a grander scale. With the market leader in so many categories, it is very disappointing to see the stock continue to wallow around at the bottom of the trough. It is disappointing to see the snipes at American workers as most are hard working and dedicated, which is not something that can be said for many of the top tier who are just greedy. It is the American consumer who is pulling the economy along. If Wal Mart wages become the norm, who will do the buying?

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      • the Chinese!!!will buy.
        The Ivorian coasters.
        The Indians
        The Pakistanis!
        Here about the Brit who couldn't wait 6 months for his socialized heart bypass surgery?
        Privaye health care would have cost $38,000 in britain. He flew to Banglagore Indian and had it done for $4000.
        We will get foreign mgmnt and ceo's! Have faith! Ford and GM etc next. The new foreign ceo's go by the name of Toyota, Honda, Hyundai etc. In other words the whole American corp will be gone.
        If vsh can't make any $ with gov't grants what the hell is wrong then?

    • Iam beginning to think that the posters here are too focused on the jokes.
      #1 they are moving mfg overseas asap and have been for years
      #2 how many MORE write downs are they going to take?
      #3 even w/o the write offs(again) they made less sales and eps than last year.
      #4 they still have a clubby mgmnt team
      #5 forget a divd
      now excuse me while I go wipe the puke off my shoes.
      Can any one offer hope? The share price is up but..huh?

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      • yeah they joke all day long and then complain about the current generation. Hmmmm....I wonder why America is so di@%ed up, lol. Now with all of this blatant law breaking and total disregard of America's laws.....Back to the Future's future scene looks like a promising reality, lol. Or a real life version of the popular Grand Theft Auto game. Hope you say...better go enjoy your rounds of golf and the beaches, lol.

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