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  • creekcrack creekcrack Mar 25, 2006 6:09 PM Flag

    you allow citizenship to one illegal...

    then you must allow citizenship to the millions of Indians, Chinese, Philippines, Africans, and other nationalities. You can't just grant it to a bunch of mexicans because its easier for them to walk a couple of miles verses swimming thousands. They just dont take jobs American dont want either....I'd much rather lump a few tires verses driving an eighteen wheeler into Atlanta every night but they cut the pay from $17/hour to $12 and started treating us like illegals ourselves. This is a clear cut example of what is going on all across America. There just arnt enough office jobs for all of the legal Americans to make a living and why should those of us left out make the rest rich because they've oppressed our wages with illegals? Its bullshit and every one of you on this board knows it.

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    • creek, you can reply but I won't anwer. I don't want to get into a debate on this and hear your points.

      I think that it would be interesting if we could make a model, actually two models, of the US economy. And in one, assume that by some miracle, the US was able to perfectly eliminate illegal immigration, both Mexican and all other. And the other, look at the US economy as is. Take it back to an arbitrary date.

      Now there is absolutely no question the US would be better off in the current situation. But that is a fixed question. Of course its better off. It has more people producing more, buying more.

      The question is, is the average other american--the one who is in both models, not just the illegals--is the average person better off in the first or second situation.

      I firmly believe that he or she is. Because the illegals I see WORK. They do landscaping and they do housecleaning and they provide services. They don't collect welfare and pay some taxes. They do make two demands on our society--the health care system, since they almost never have coverage, and the education system. But I look at people sitting around collecting welfare, then I look at the illegals and I respect the latter group more. And I believe the country would probably have had a recession that hurt everyone and be uncompetetive totally internationally without them.

      P.S. Not related, but I saw the movies Real Women Have Curves and Spanglish. The first was good but not terribly enjoyable. The second very enjoyable. The first may have dealt with legal immigrants. I don't know.

    • I have had friends from areas like Thailand who were HONEST hardworking people like you and I. They wanted so badly to be legal and two people I knew tried for as long as the could until their visas ran out. Then they were forced to go back home and try again. It's unbalance and the only reason is politicians want to brown-nose the hispanic voters. All 3 of them.

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