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  • DeanLomax DeanLomax Mar 13, 1998 9:51 PM Flag

    To all longs!!!

    Just saw Telechart and this baby is ready to spread its wings. I go through 1200 charts to find the one sign that I look for and this baby is it. You're going to have a great week. I'm mad at myself for not seeing this before the close today. Hope I can get in on a bad day next week. Good luck and your day has come.

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    • Hey... Dean Lomax... I'm long the stock... I hope you're right...but what are you looking at that makes the stock so attractive today vs. one month ago, or any other period in the last several years for that matter? The stock has gone nowhere for a while... & a change in the fundamentals of the stock & the industry appear to be a ways off... please enlighten us... Thanks

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      • Forgot to mention: I see an easy 20% return at this price. 3% growth with a mid 20s P/E is not attractive. If they have something up their sleeves to increase the growth, then, that is a different story. Still, next week should be a nice gain.

        Again, good luck next week.

      • First: No crystal ball here, just a technical view. What I saw on the chart is this:
        1-TSV (Time Segmented Volume) is up and headed for 80%.
        2-BOP (Balance of Power) is at the butt of the 50% mark and headed up.
        3-It just hit the 50 day moving average.
        4-Friday's price move created a gap from its previous day. Meaning the price of the day did not hit the previous close.
        5-20 & 50 day Moving average; BOP; and the TSV lines are all headed North and hugging each other.
        6-Daily volume is good.
        And with that: If the stock is honest to its chart; I see it as the next leg up. Surpassing the 50% line could happen--I hope. Monday will tell if it has the self-worth.

        Again, good luck this week. I hope I'm right. Nothing better then to see the longs win.

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