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  • marty81274 marty81274 Mar 18, 2000 10:30 PM Flag


    VSH will be 100$+ within three months!
    Like zzzbrad would say

    Buy,Buy,Buy Then Buy Some More!!!

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    • Don't forget insider's cannot sell thier
      at the top. They started selling VSH at
      53$ to 54$ range. The high on the stock is 58 1/4 so
      this tells you to buy. DLJ has upgraded the stock from
      55$ to 80$ so does ML.

      Like Bad Brad
      would say,


      • 1 Reply to marty81274
      • <<Don't forget insider's cannot sell thier
        stock at the top.>>

        Actually, they can;
        but, unless they know bad news is coming, and have not
        disclosed it, which I do not think applies to VSH, they are
        not likely to know that they are selling at the

        The only direct limits on insider selling or buying
        are (1) limited time periods during which they can
        buy or sell; (2) minimum holding periods once they
        have bought; and (3) limits on quantities they can
        sell relative to the stocks trading

        Indirectly, insiders are not supposed to sell with knowledge
        of undisclosed bad news that would materially affect
        the stock's price and are not supposed to release
        "good" news to bump the stock price, knowing that it is
        false, so that they can sell into the price rise that
        comes from the good news. This is the stuff that
        lawsuits are made of and that keep securities lawyers and
        plaintiff's class action lawyers in business. There is NO
        evidence or hint or indication that either of these is
        present with VSH.

        One last point regarding VSH
        insiders. I have seen a lot of form 144s but not nearly as
        many form 4s. Form 144s are required to be filed to
        disclose an intention to sell within 90 days restricted
        securities: form 144s are not reports of sales. Once stock
        included in a form 144 filing is sold, a form 4 must be
        filed. While there have been some recent 144s from VSH
        insiders, there are substantially fewer form 4s. Form 144
        stock could be from a stock bonus, a pension, or a
        profit-sharing plan, a private placement, or several other
        reasons. be continued....


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