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  • askdogcat askdogcat Oct 27, 2010 1:15 PM Flag

    Will cover my short at 15-16, Gold will test 1280


    Dollar about to rebound strong as QE BS is nothing..
    little money
    Gold bears are all over it now

    JPM and GS are short on gold and HUI !
    wake up kids
    That's how it works..
    will cover at 15-16

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Hahaha! Are you serious here? People ACTUALLY short GORO? Did they not get served the notice of 9 cents in dividends in the last 90 days?

      That's just THE BEGINNING of mine output, which is set to more than double current levels in 18-24 months. And with the lowest cash costs around. Maybe even negative with silver going to $25 and beyond.

      If GORO can pay out 9 cents a ahare in 3 months off the first 10-15,000 ozs of initial production, I can't wait to see what I get in 2012 at 180,000+ ozs and possibly gold 2-3k.

      I wouldn't be surprised to see the next dividend 4 or 5 cents as throughput increases.

      GORO is very smart to reward the investor and build up good faith in the equity. Later when the stock is at much higher levels they can take advantage of that, unlike their peers with blown out share structures.

      I would imagine once investors realize eps will be $1+ and growing this stock will never see teens again.

      I think the reason sacredouche is here is because he trys to scare away potential buyers so his employers can wriggle in easier using some crazy reverse psychology.

    • You are a broken record! You say this every day and the stock is still over $20. Sell!, the stock is going down to $19! (skip) SELL! The stock is going down to $18! (skip) Sell! The stock is going down to $16! (skip). Your credibility is zero, don't know why you are still here. Your posts are a joke.

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