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  • keepshorting keepshorting Jun 13, 2011 5:42 PM Flag

    rapier from ragingbull

    quit chasing this down or else you will go bankrupt. they are going to miss production numbers and the market will not let them slide this time. they will get punished. 50% haircut in one session is my guess. target of $4.00/share is on the table.

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    • Keepshorting,

      Don't worry about me going bankrupt, I've owned this stock when it was $5 and have had a plus 4X return. It has made me a lot of money and I have taken profits on some shares too. If the stock goes down to $12, which it won't, I will still be profitable. And the best days for GORO are ahead. But you know that, which is why you and your bashing buddies are doing double-duty here while your bosses are borrowing shares to short and drive the price down so the weakies will sell. Not me, I just bought more in the last week. See you in August, that rich La Arista ore is being mined now and will be in those 2nd Qtr numbers.

    • Now just what are the production numbers they are supposed to make? I would be interested in knowing, since management hasn't really given any real target numbers for Q2. They have given target numbers for the calendar year 2011 (90k ounces).

      So we are abundantly clear here, what is the number you expect they need to make in order for you not to claim it a "miss"? Otherwise, you can say it is a "miss" no matter what is published.


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