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  • keepshorting keepshorting Aug 16, 2011 4:39 PM Flag


    the first question: what percentage of your companys earnings come from gold?



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    • bump!!!

    • Amadeus

      Please forgive my evil idiot twin.

      He is off his meds and come the blood bath coming with the div increase on the 31st - he will be back in for shock therapy. Just as GRC mind gold and silver, my evil twin will have his brain minded to restore some semblance of sanity.

      Pity the poor fool - he will be getting poorer soon. Real soon.

    • Short I keep reading your arguement that the company's name is misleading and that the company produces more silver than gold and therefore should be Silver Resource Corporation rather than Gold Resource Corporation. That was not expected and just a plus for shareholders.

      Remember GORO is just getting started, you have to give them time to add additional mines. Just because they produce more silver than gold value presently and quote in AuEq oz doesn't mean they will not be producing more value in gold in the future.

      Keep in mine, El Rey, another property that will be adding ore soon (hopefully by years end) is mostly gold. Besides El Rey coming on, when the Reids first gave their estimates of Arista it was 6.5 gram and just over 500 grams silver was the estimate. At the time Au/Ag ratio was 65 to 1 and had been higher. At 1/65 422/500. Not that far from being about even. I know the new level 7 samples are a squewed towards silver (10g Au and 1500 Ag), but that is not a bad thing.

      El Rey:

      Highlights of El Rey:
      •1.0 meter of 66.40 g/t gold, 86 g/t silver
      •9.0 meters of 19.37 g/t gold, 75 g/t silver

      There are better drill results (please go to the link and check it out for yourself), but you get the idea of more Gold than Silver. There is a lot more gold.

      Now add in El Rey and you can see why the company is called Gold Resources Corporation. I don't understand you grabing onto this as one of your negatives.

      Now please just let it go. That the company is leverage in both metals is a positive not a negative.

      I hope this helps to explain the name. There is no deception going on.


    • amadeus,

      I am getting tired of your character assassination. A dividend is paid out of profit, not revenue. If the dividend exceeds the profit than the money is coming out of the treasury. Asking William Reid about the dividend payout is like asking Bernie Madoff for financial advice.

    • Anyone who watches this video will realize that william reid is a marketer and a pumper and nothing else. if cnbc had any integrity, they should have hammered away until he answered the question. instead, he weaseled his way out. what a joke.

    • Gone are the arguments that GORO finances its dividend through the treasury. Gone are the arguments that GORO has never made a profit. Gone are the arguments that insiders are selling millions of shares.

      All we are currently left with is the argument that GORO is not a gold stock. It is a silver stock.

      Glad you clued all us longs in on that secret!


      • 2 Replies to amadeus4153
      • why did WILLIAM REID refuse to answer the simple question? because he knows they got very little gold. the market will wake up and you will get slaughtered. it is inevitable. the waterfall collapse is going to be one for the record books!

      • amadeus,

        you are a fraud. they WERE paying dividends out of the treasury and you denied it. i never said that GORO would never make a profit. i said they would not be as profitable as you think. earnings release #1, #2, and #3 prove it. Barron's spooked management and they halted the insider selling. It will resume.

        And now you acknowledge that GORO is a silver stock and not a gold one. So why is everything converted into AU EQ? Why is GORO gold GOLD RESOURCE CORP?


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