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  • susannoonan55 susannoonan55 Sep 16, 2011 8:30 AM Flag

    Hunter Adams, a felon

    Gold Resource Says Being Targeted by Short-Seller, Stock Just Firmer in Pre-Market 09/16 08:28 AM


    08:28 AM EDT, 09/16/2011 (MidnightTrader) -- Gold Resource (GORO:$21.8500,$0.3800,1.77%) says, in response to multiple negative pieces published by a website known as, it believes it is being targeted by individuals or groups holding short positions in its securities in an effort to manipulate the company's stock price.

    Among other things, GORO notes that the site is run by an individual named Hunter Adams, a felon previously convicted of conspiracy to commit securities fraud, money laundering and racketeering stemming from his participation in "pump-and-dump" stock schemes and his ties to the Gambino organized crime family. It says it appears its operations are financed by profits generated from taking short positions in the stock of companies it profiles. As a result, the profiles it generates are neither balanced nor unbiased, it said.

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    • Are you disputing the definition in the Wikipedia article?

      If you are sticking to your contention about the dividends and cash flows, please state specific numbers from the financial statements. I already did and you failed to respond.

    • It's sounded to me like he was just sort of confused by the irrelevant question.

      As you've reminded us repeatedly, he's an inexperienced president. He knows his presentation material well. It's understandably to be caught off guard by an irrelevant question.

      But I just listened to the audio yet again and can confirm that he did not lie or mislead. In his first response he said "about 50%" which obviously refers to if 1/3 is going to taxes, reinvestment and dividends, then removing tax leaves 50% for dividends. His second response was "I suppose you could look at it that way" but since they are growing, it's not going to happen. And then the questioner asked yet another stupid question.

      I have no problem with Jason's response *whatsoever* to the first questioner. If you do, please point out some specifics. If you are going to call him a liar, you need to provide quotes.

    • >>From:

      You're wrong.<<

      1. It makes you look stupid to use wikipedia to try to prove a definition.

      2. IF free cash flow did include dividends then GORO's free cash flow was DEFINITELY less than the dividend that they paid so why couldn't the President of GORO answer the question honestly????

      You're wrong either way!!!

      Gotta laugh!

    • From:

      "Net Free Cash Flow = Operation Cash flow – Capital Expenses to keep current level of operation – dividends – Current Portion of long term debt – Depreciation"

      You're wrong. Again.

    • >>The target is based on men gross profit. But in any case, who cares? The dividend is the dividend. It's been paid, is being paid and will continue to be paid. Wtf is wrong with you?<<

      If it's no big deal, then why can't the President of the company be honest when asked about it? Why does he feel compelled to lie?

      And when will you stop trying to debate issues with me. You get your a$$ handed to you every single time.

    • >>cash flow is generally pre-dividend.<<

      No, dividend NEVER affects cash flow.

      >>you stated that GORO's dividend exceeded cashflow in Q2 which is false.<<

      No, it's not false. GORO's 2Q dividend exceeded GORO's FREE CASH FLOW.

      It's hilarious that the President of the company told the conference host that it couldn't happen despite the fact that it had JUST occurred in the previous quarter.

      Gotta laugh!

    • Correct, cash flow is generally pre-dividend. But you stated that GORO's dividend exceeded cashflow in Q2 which is false. So I took a stab and suggested that maybe you were referring to net cash flow (which is post-dividend).

      I know my accounting fairly well. Well enough to know that you are generally wrong.

    • >>You want the cash flow, which is reduced by the dividend payout, to still exceed the dividend payout?<<

      Cash flow is NOT reduced by dividend. Learn accounting before you continue to make yourself look stupid.

    • The target is based on men gross profit. But in any case, who cares? The dividend is the dividend. It's been paid, is being paid and will continue to be paid. Wtf is wrong with you?

    • >>They set their publicly disclosed dividend rate based on targeting 1/3 of mine gross profit. WTF more do you want? What is misleading about that? They were, are and will be able to pay the 3-5 cents/month dividend. How is that misleading? WTF is wrong with you????<<

      It's misleading to claim that the dividend is based on any type of CASH FLOW.

      You are an idiot for not having the mental capacity to understand this.

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