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  • gold10ksilver1k gold10ksilver1k Sep 16, 2011 8:37 PM Flag

    Thanks Amadeus !!!!!!!!!!!

    I met a company today at the Toronto mining show They have a property acquired across the street from GORO. They (the geo's / management) have visited and been to the GORO property. They said they were very impressed by the operations. Specifically the size of the massive tailings pond (#1), the amount of concentrate sitting there ready to be sold and mentioned they expect GORO to mine significant quantities of ore once they got enough levels completed.

    They mentioned that GORO should be exploring more because the size of their project and upside possibility remains huge. They applauded GORO's production efforts, business strategy and relationship in the community.

    You could tell they were jealous of GORO's property even though they seems to have some nice hits just across the highway. They've been in this part of the world for many years.

    GORO is the real deal.

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    • And of course there was a big plug for GORO in front of an audience roughly 500 gold investors in size. Mostly Cannucks. It was a gold / silver discussion with Sprott's portfolio manager (Eric Sprott had to cancel last second), GATA's Bill Murphy and GoldSeek's Peter Spina who responded to a question on the shorting of gold shares and the huge divergence between gold stocks and gold prices. Spina talked about the possibility to fry the shorties with a gold in kind divi and specifically about GORO.

      The Canadian audience went WILD when learning about GORO as if they never heard of it before. They should. It does NOT come close to anything else here. Nothing. Spina was swamped with goro questions afterwards and just this wildness about this new discovery . I didnot catch up again but I spoke with a bunch of brokers out of Toronto and one from Vancouver after they spoke with Spina about GORO and make sure they understood the story clearly. AND it was clear to them that GORO is a darling gold stock which has no canadian exposure and they wanted in before the Canadians did!

      GORO is going to go crazy up here in Canada once they get their stamp of approval (43 101). This is a mining country which understand producers and exploration very well. GORO is going to set a new gold standard up here. Hurry up goro!

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