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  • gold10ksilver1k gold10ksilver1k Sep 16, 2011 8:49 PM Flag

    Thanks Amadeus !!!!!!!!!!!

    And of course there was a big plug for GORO in front of an audience roughly 500 gold investors in size. Mostly Cannucks. It was a gold / silver discussion with Sprott's portfolio manager (Eric Sprott had to cancel last second), GATA's Bill Murphy and GoldSeek's Peter Spina who responded to a question on the shorting of gold shares and the huge divergence between gold stocks and gold prices. Spina talked about the possibility to fry the shorties with a gold in kind divi and specifically about GORO.

    The Canadian audience went WILD when learning about GORO as if they never heard of it before. They should. It does NOT come close to anything else here. Nothing. Spina was swamped with goro questions afterwards and just this wildness about this new discovery . I didnot catch up again but I spoke with a bunch of brokers out of Toronto and one from Vancouver after they spoke with Spina about GORO and make sure they understood the story clearly. AND it was clear to them that GORO is a darling gold stock which has no canadian exposure and they wanted in before the Canadians did!

    GORO is going to go crazy up here in Canada once they get their stamp of approval (43 101). This is a mining country which understand producers and exploration very well. GORO is going to set a new gold standard up here. Hurry up goro!

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    • did Peter Spina disclose he has a large position in GORO? did he disclose that he was being paid to put a GORO ad on his site? you are getting a biased opinion from him. he burned a lot of people by getting them to invest in timberline resources. i was all over that one and he even threatened me with legal action. guess who won that battle? i did. stock went from 4 bucks to 25 cents like i said it would. go over to that msg board and ask them.

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      • Yes he did. Sounds like you have very bad timing. I would let it go and make some money. It will just age you faster to your eventual death. Buy yourself some GORO before you desperate shortie+bashers run out of excuses as to why your next argument just keeps failing. If gold and silver were at 2000 levels I’d be more worried with you. Check the gold and silver prices and crunch some numbers.

        Timberline looks excellent! Its no GORO but only 42 mill MC and looking to make the same in profit each year. High grade junior gold producer in Q1. 61.1MILL shares. Debt free.

        Very low mine development costs. High grade gold on patented land near historic Butte. Mill it down the road. Permit next quarter. 3 / 4 MIILL ounces. Bulk tonnage then 60,000 ounces. 50-50 JV.

        Carried into production by JV partner who is Ron Guill. This gent runs underground mining contractor powerhouse. His corp builds mines for Newmont, Barrick, Anglogold. He is building Timberline’s Butte. He is the largest Timberline investor and board director.

        Nevada property with massive gold land package.

        Thank you for the tip. AM a TLR shareholder as of this AM.

    • Fyi - peter spina was part of the original "pumping cartel". the members are: peter spina, punchy (from ragingbull), and gold plunger (ian cassel). peter spina was getting paid to put ads on his site for goro and another company called timberline resources. just look at timberline's chart, spina pumped it to the moon and left everyone as a bag holder. he is doing the same thing with goro. you folks have no clue what you are dealing with.

    • GORO is going to go crazy up here in Canada once they get their stamp of approval (43 101).

    • GATA's Bill Murphy
      you folks keep saying that streetsweeper is not credible? well, your idol Bill Murphy has been investigated by the SEC...yet I see no mention of that.

    • What was the company that bought just across the road?


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