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  • keepshorting keepshorting Oct 11, 2011 12:12 PM Flag

    Tocqueville Groupies

    GRC is in their top ten
    who is being selective now? How much is Tocq out of pocket with their GORO purchase? Tocq lost more with East Asia Minerals then they invested in GORO.

    And who cares about John Doody, never heard about him until you folks started hyping him up. Remember, Peter Spina was the original pumper of GORO and he burned everyone with his pump of Timberline Resources. Peter Spina threatened legal action against me on that msg board for telling everyone he was a paid pumper.

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    • Not surprising that you had never heard of John Doody. Just highlights your ignorance. Doody does not get paid by any of the mining companies that he recommends. His newsletter costs about $1000 per year and his track record is excellent. So would it make more sense to take his advice or your advice??

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      • Yeah, Shorty doesn't know the mining industry at all. You can tell from his idiotic comments about the gold/silver ratio and his most recent prediction that Q4 will show a drop in production from Q3.

        I subscribe to Doody's newsletter. He actually highlighted his Top 10 performance over the past 10 years and compared it to Gold, the XAU index and the S&P 500.

        GSA Top 10 - Up 1,360%
        Gold - Up 421%
        XAU Index - Up 341%
        S&P 500 - Down 5%

        I'll take Doody's recommendation of GORO any day of the week over Shorty's blathering. Oh, and BTW, Doody is focused on GOLD stocks, not silver stocks. Plus, GORO is the only gold stock in the Top 10 portfolio (and the only stock EVER selected in the Top 10) that doesn't yet have proven & probable reserves or a 43-101. That's a big testament to Doody's confidence level.


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