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  • alex_nemese alex_nemese Feb 11, 2012 1:18 PM Flag

    Time to short GORO again?

    Blog post on GORO says it's a good short:

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    • Nailed the call ...
      it was DEAD ON...

    • <<And of course, Bengy cites just that 1 category.>>

      What I am citing, Pearhedz, is Mr. Jason Reid's statement:

      "Mexico is among the Fraser Institute's top places to operate a mining company."

      Why don't you phone the Fraser Institute and ask them if Mexico is one of the top places to operate a mining company?
      The employee/volunteer will go straight to the PPI in Figure 1 and tell you that Mexico is 35th on the list of 79.

      If you equivocate and ask for clarifying information, the individual will very likely tell you that the 35th position is down 7 places from last year and that Mexico's index in the Fraser study has been declining over the last 5 years.

    • I just tried to go back and retrieve my posts for these dead stocks, (WMAR still exists) but to no avail. Possibly there is some way of contacting Yahoo and getting them, if you are THAT interested.

      Bally’s was a wonderful experience.
      Their accounting was impossible to understand and their management was a super-hype engine. But I put many, many hours of work in to finally understand their financial statements and to realize that they were “dead men walking”.

      And I actually posted such…... that they would file for bankruptcy within 3-4 years. It only took 2 years. And some of the execs subsequently were brought up on accounting fraud charges.
      As far as IFCN is concerned, it encountered the same fate as BFT (Chapter 11) and had equally promotional management.

      As a matter of fact, on the 3rd Quarter GORO conference call, a question was asked by a guy (I won’t name names) who was a raving bull on IFCN back in ’00 (?). He was (is still?) in the brokerage business in the State of CT, an analyst/broker (a lethal combination for the poor client, in my opinion).

      I suspected that he was one of those aggressive posters who did not put the welcome mat out for me on the Int'l Fibercom board back then.
      I have the same suspicions that he posts here on this board. But I will never know. So, it is useless to dwell on it.

      I’ll stop there. Good investing to you, Amadeus, and I mean that.

    • <<For someone who is not even invested in the stock....>>
      <<Hey Engy, do you post your kind of "educaton" on any other stock boards? I would check your posting history, but it is much easier to just ask you.>>

      Thanks for your interest, Amadeus, notwithstanding the air of cynicism in your question. I do appreciate your straightforward approach.

      But, truly, it is fascinating to go soup-to-nuts through the SEC filings for ANY particular company. I mean that sincerely. It is a total learning experience, better than picking up a good book and reading it.

      But it’s important to first have some training in the auditing business or an understanding of accounting and financial statement analysis (ie, to know what you are reading)..

      It is loads of fun to listen to conference calls and catch the hesitations, etc when you know a company's management may be fudging or hedging the information or caught in a lie.

      But to answer your question, I have posted on Silicon Investor for about 16 years because of the educated responses I get. It’s a learning and sometimes humbling experience for me. I have also posted on Raging Bull because of the aggressiveness and passion of the responses I encounter. Both boards keep me on my toes. But in neither of those boards do I use the identity of "Engynear".
      I recently revived my old Yahoo "Engynear" identity.
      But I liken my Yahoo experience to the Raging Bull experience...a lot of passion but I don't learn much (other than the importance of patience and self control).

      However, I must say that in December, Pearhedz totally took me to school on the cost of the mill item. He let me down easier than he could have. But it was a gross oversight on my part and I am thankful to him for the information.

      Other stock boards on Yahoo that I have posted to under the name of “Engynear” over the years were in my more aggressive days, when I was heavily short those stocks. From memory, they are:
      C-Cube Microsystems (CUBE)
      Bally’s Total Fitness (BFT)
      International Fibercomm (IFCN)
      West Marine (WMAR)

      (continued in follow up post)

    • Hey Sam,

      I see Engy has been VERY busy this weekend seeking out more negative BS to spew forth. For someone who is not even invested in the stock, long or short, he sure spends a whole lot of time on it in his attempts to "educate" us.

      Too funny.

      Hey Engy, do you post your kind of "educaton" on any other stock boards? I would check your posting history, but it is much easier to just ask you.


    • >>Mexico is above the median line of all worldwide mining jurisdictions<<

      "Above the median line" wasn't the company's claim, and you know it.

      >>number two in the Fraser Institutes Lat/Am rankings<<

      Top ranking for Latin American countries wasn't the company's claim, and you know it.

      >>You are obviously deeply biased<<

      No, any objective reader would have a problem with the company's claim given the facts.

      YOU are the one deeply biased.

      Again, you are going too far out on a limb to cover for management on this one.

    • Natasha, that doesn't make Jason's statement any less truthful either. Read it again. Mexico is above the median line of all worldwide mining jurisdictions and number two in the Fraser Institutes Lat/Am rankings. There is truth. You are obviously deeply biased and your basher behavier instincts are curious, as Engy has noted. You short bashers are simply talking your book.

    • . As for Shorty, he refuses to acknowledge that the deposit has only been drilled 50% to depth and is open on stike. so, at a 43-101 target estimate of 1.5 Mil ounces...Well, you do the math.
      The Reid's have missed 100% of their deadlines. This is documented fact. Just read their press releases from day one. That 1.5M figure is an internal estimate. Based on their history, I would not be suprised if that number was inflated by a factor of 2.

      How many of you think the Reid's have the 43-101 in hand and are too embarassed to release it in fear of a waterfall collapse in share price? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

    • >>Mexico comes in second to top ranked Chile in the Latin/American area.<<

      And maybe Mexico comes in first in the area of countries that start with the letter M. That doesn't make Jason's statement any more truthful.

      Just admit this and move one. Going so far out on a limb in order to make excuses for deceptive management statements hurts your credibility.

    • <<Open to interpretation my friend.>>

      In a vacuum, I would almost agree with that statement, Sam. But there is a history here.
      And "history" is a bad word amongst some bulls, when it comes to analyzing any promotional management's statements.
      It is difficult to acknowledge by connecting the dots through history of promotional managements, if one has already invested real money with them. I do understand that behavioral issue, Sam.

      <<As such you seem forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel for additional Goro criticism.>>

      Not intentionally, I assure you. There just seems to be a string of hype, misstatements, unfulfilled promises, etc.
      I suppose it APPEARS to be the bottom of the barrel because it reveals a seedier side of management's motives, possibly?

      Thanks for the repartee, Sam. Most interesting regarding the human behavioral aspect.

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