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  • iii_merlin_iii iii_merlin_iii Jan 23, 2013 2:22 PM Flag

    Shorts on the Board

    As you can see by how popular my latest post about how the ore grades at La Arista have actually exceeded the 43-101 grades was.....the shorts are not happy with me. They don't want any positive information shared about the company.

    Even though I stated that GORO has issues that it still has to correct and that mistakes were made going into production they felt the need to convince me why I was wrong to post something positive.

    I am not one to usually post on message boards that often, but just wanted to post the interesting information about mine to date grades for anyone who was researching GORO.

    Does GORO have issues to overcome? Of course....have to see how the next few quarters go.

    I will now go back to staying off the boards....

    Shorts can go back to their disinformation and fear mongering. Enjoy...

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    • "I will now go back to staying off the boards...."

      That was a quick trigger to exit and awfully intolerant of Merlin. Running off like that. Didn't even give me a 12 hour window to respond to his post which stated:
      "I ONLY used the ore produced from the underground operations at La Arista. They do have this information broken out in the Q's and K's. So your entire argument about using the open pit ore is completely wrong."

      The entire argument about Open Pit ore happens to be completely right.
      It's a shame that Merlin left in such a huff. He will not therefore find out that the linchpin in his ore grade theory, the data from Production Statistics designated in the 2011 10-K as being from La Arista (10 months) actually have Open Pit numbers mixed in them. Management did not correct its error in the 10-K. merlin would have only known of the error if he had read fully the 10-Qs for Q2 and Q3 in 2011. A pity. I wish him the best, however.
      Yet, unfortunately, Merlin will never know that one of the foundations of his argument begins with a faulty assumption which led to an incorrect conclusion on grades.

    • "" they felt the need to convince me why I was wrong to post something positive. ""

      Ha ha ha. This is hilarious. It's wrong to post something that's wrong regardless if it's positive or negative. It's also meaningless to post something that's meaningless regardless if it's positive or negative.

      ill_merlin is funny. He claims that it's fear mongering to post any negative facts about GORO while he aggressively attempts to pump the GORO stock.

    • Kudos, Merlin, for giving it a go. As you are well aware of, none of the shorts/bashers actually addressed the points you made concerning ore grade in your original post. They all jumped on the bandwagon of FUD.

      Nothing surprising here. GLTY.

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      • Thanks Amadeus. My original intention was just to share a piece of information that I researched and thought interesting. My continued banter was just drumming up the post count to show how desperate these shorts are to contain and cover any positive point. Of course they fell right in line and proved my point.

        You are right that not one time did anyone address how the ore grade is so good even with major issues.

        You are a better man than I trying to argue with these guys.

        GLTY too.

    • As you can see, Merlin won't confront the many issues GORO is facing. Go join the Private Board, they have their heads in the sand as well.

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