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  • engynear engynear Feb 17, 2013 4:18 PM Flag

    This Day in GORO History---2/16/2012

    Stock climbed +1.01 closing at 25.83. Longs were in all-out, bluster-mode.

    In the clueless category was "Kansascrudes": when Kansas urged GORO to NOT explore and produce:
    "I think the 1/3,1/3,/1/3 model is absolutely BRILLIANT! I am a longterm metals bull and am not interested in a faster development pace that chews up our resource at prices that are a fraction of what the price should and will be. The metal in the ground is the best hedge we have against the central banksters printing presses. ...El TORO GORO"

    But when the word 'clueless' is used, how can Amadeus be omitted from the conversation?, He sends the clueless needle off the dial:
    "Wholeheartedly agree, Kansas. The 1/3-1/3-1/3 model is absolutely essential to their long-term success. I, too, prefer the long-term view and am quite patient to wait it out, as the rewards will be spectacular (they already have been for me so far). Management has been spot on in their long-term vision for this company....Good for us
    Amadeus "

    "Cscomgr" regurgitates the company pablum, then makes a prediction of his own on stock price:
    "The Aguila mill is back online and based on the Company’s prior and current performance, the
    Company is setting its 2012 Outlook at a production range of between 120,000 to 140,000
    ounces AuEq. The Company is targeting a cash cost per ounce range of $50 to $150 per ounce
    140,000 (2012) vs 66,000 (2011)."
    "We are going to see the stock scream up as the year goes on and we see these numbers beaten. I bought in at just over $5 and expect $100 or more."

    Cscomgr then taunts Keepshorting with the following:
    "I give you credit as you must have nerves of steel to short a stock destined to double or triple in the next year. One more upgrade today but soon we will see several. You may want to buy some calls to hedge those puts."

    To wjich Keepshorting replies:
    "I just hope you have every penny to your name in this stock. I want to see you and your 10 aliases go bankrupt!!!!"

    Cscomgr, however is not finished. Recalling all the stocks that have gone to infinifty in his life, he tells Keepshorting:
    "You do know that when you short a stock your potential loss is unlimited.. I know that the stock will get to $100/share. You best hedge.."

    "PM_Guru" jumps in with his price target of 40:
    "With Hochschild, mgmt, and institutional support so strong, this tiny float is gripped with strong hands and shorts deserve to get beelined to $40 even if gold is flat $1700-1800 for a while."

    Amadeus has had enough of it all and throws down the ultimate marker on 2/16 with the stock at 25.83 and pulls out his famous "2012--Year of the Longs": war cry:
    "We are in a great stock at the right time in its history and at the right time in the gold bull market.
    2012 - Year of the Longs

    And the long shareholders sleep well that night.

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