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  • engynear engynear Mar 31, 2013 10:10 AM Flag

    John Doody--One year ago

    Today, I’d like to discuss John Doody, who I believe proves himself to be an Investment Newsletter charlatan time and time again. He eviscerated GORO investor money beginning about one year ago. But before I review this , let’s check in with our expert-in-everything, Amadeus, and see what his position was regarding John Doody back almost one year ago on April 5th.
    Amadeus was responding to Rockraider’s touting message:

    Rockraider: "I definately like his work, but as far as Gold/Silver stocks go, I like The Dood better."

    Amadeus:”Agreed, Rock. Doody's newsletter is one heck of a value IMO. He knows his stuff in this space.

    2012 - Year of the Longs!

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    • Now let’s take a look at Amadeus’s ability to help you with your investments by recommending this guy.
      I just hope too many people did not invest with Doody.

      Here’s some of Doody’s 36 minute tout on GORO with my notes in parentheses:

      “Until age 45, I had pennies to my name”
      (yeah, that’s the kind of financially responsible individual I follow for MY investment advice).

      “Today, I have a net worth of over $10M ” (why not say $100M or $1B, it can’t be verified anyway)

      “I focus on a small universe of about 60 unique gold stocks” (“small” universe, John? . that’s over 20% of the entire worldwide publicly traded gold market!).

      “I’m very confident in saying that I know more about these companies than anyone else on the planet.”
      (on the planet? Why confine yourself to such a small area. Why not, “more than anyone else in the galaxy”? Does the word blowhard mean anything to you, John?)

      “And when I find an extraordinary situation among these firms, I take a LARGE investment position. Today I want to show you the type of extraordinary situation I’m talking about. I have roughly $220K invested in the company right now”. (okay Mr 10 million dollar guy, $220K is a lot of money to you???)

      “And I expect to make several times my money over the next year or two”.
      (GORO was at 26 at the time; and here we are one year later after a 50% haircut, he’s now down $110K on his $220K investment)

      “Unbeknownst to 99% of the investing public a major event is about to take place in the gold stock market. In short, a very small mining outfit is about to start paying dividends in real gold bullion ((major event???)
      (and what about silver, John?; you know 60% of this company’s sales)

      (the BS was flowing so thick back then!)

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