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  • natasha51lex natasha51lex Apr 2, 2013 6:21 PM Flag

    Another Private Board Long Bites the Dust

    William Curry, curryman11, claims that he sold all of his GORO stock in the 20's and at 16. He also claimed that he advised all of his friends to dump all of their GORO stock.

    Wow, remember when amedaus said that none of the GORO Longs would sell under $40? He kept claiming that the shorts would never be able to cover without running the price up because nobody was going to sell. Well, wrongedaus is wrong again. Ha ha.

    What's so funny is that so many of the die hard private board Longs have dumped all of their stock. Who is left holding the bag?

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    • I don't believe any of them. I think they are all buried in the stock. My target for silver is $20 per ounce by mid-May. I do not think GORO will be profitable if that happens.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • That Private Board is definitely heating up agiain. Totally entertaining reading today!!

      How about Barry Klein (barsolid) calling La Airsta, "El Artista"?

      C'mon bud. Have you not learned anything about this company in the time you've owned the stock? Not even the name of its only mine?
      To give his intellect the benefit of the doubt (no one could be this stupid), I wonder what time zone he lives in? Possibly he is drinking booze before he posts.

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