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  • ipdaily69 ipdaily69 May 1, 2013 10:19 AM Flag

    Next Fraudulent SORO PR Gimmick to get debunked?

    For the past several years, this SORO public Yahoo message board has successfully combated SORO management's fraudulent claims and hype simply by exposing truths. A short list of SORO created BS include
    "Zero Cost Production," Mine Gross Profit, Dividend support, 43-101 ounces, 33% tax rates, water excuses, etc etc etc.. Couple the fraudulent claims with the endless line of SORO created gimmicks their unqualified president insists on jamming into his promotional endeavors including creation of coins, PM dividends, a treasury of PM, excessive dividend, etc etc etc. (If you really think about it, every brain child scheme Jason has introduced into SORO has cost the company and participating shareholders significant dollars).
    This board called the dividend cut and even pinpointed the day the cut would be introduced. Posters like Natasha, Engy, KS, and Fluff on the private cult site have all clearly presented fact based arguments on this company's real worth and which conditions will drive the stock price.
    So what is next for SORO? Clearly Jason's gimmicks have proven that he has a knack for formulating gimmicks and selling his ideas to Daddy. I suspect the next gimmick to land in the trash bin will be SORO's fraudulent attempts to sell itself as a gold miner. First step in this rehabilitation is to end the ludicrous conversion of Ag into AuEq. How do you think educated investors perceive the SORO AuEq gimmick? My first reaction is..."Here's a company pretending to be something it's not." Second reaction...."SORO is hiding the truth of real Au production."
    Therefore.... the Next expected SORO "Come to Jesus" move......eliminating the AuEq marketing gimmick. Listing PM ounces individually is honest representation. Why is that so hard for the Reids?

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    • Listing PM ounces individually is honest representation. Why is that so hard for the Reids?
      Most investors never read the fine print and that is what the Reid's are banking on. In 2007 I sent the Reid's an email claiming they were engaging in FRAUD by double counting the base metals. They did nothing in return. This was in 2007 folks!!!!!!!! They can check the archives and find out who I am but they were probably too dumb to archive their emails. Maybe they purged them on purpose, LOL.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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