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  • natasha51lex natasha51lex Jun 7, 2013 12:32 PM Flag

    This Board is Dead

    Now that all the GORO Longs have dumped their stock nobody wants to leave posts anymore. amedaus is the only idiot left on here trying to protect the little dignity that he thinks he has remaining, and he's probably only here because he swore that I would leave this board before he would.

    This always happens to me. The Kool-Aid drinking Longs are as nasty as they can be to me, and then they quickly pack up and leave when they finally realize that I was right all the time.

    Oh well, maybe things will get interesting again, once the stock takes another dip.

    In the meantime, GORO has helped me quite a bit. Some exciting things have happened because of good returns (helped, in part, by my GORO short) and the incredible short opportunity that has been created by NFLX.

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    • I caught Always Wrongadeus dumpster diving behind Brooklyn Bagels last week. He kept yelling "Where's Don!"
      PS....ratio climbing to 63.5/ $18 Ag /$1200 Au prediction may need to get revised lower. Bubble popped......backed to normal sooner than the goldbugs believe.....sorry BarStupid
      (Still short SORO ...50%)

    • It is amazing. 4 years of nonstop hype by dozens and dozens of pumpers and they have all disappeared. Those shameless pumpers deserve this carnage for all the lies they spread.

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