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  • lil_brother_agent_doobs lil_brother_agent_doobs Jun 5, 2008 1:21 PM Flag

    Best $11-$12 stock in the universe! DAMN Strong!


    Mannn, this stock is the GREATEST!!! Market takes a tumble, and NM hangs up hard and firm, not budgin' a GAWD darn nickel, powering all around the $11.50-ish! Market soars 150 on the Dow, +30 Naz, and the ol' stalwart NM *surges* half a percent to $11.60! Whew, DAMN strong stock!!! Been here, RIGHT friggin' here, for 11 or so months now as our earnings and eps have soared, and our P/E has shrunk from a semi-lofty 2.2 last year, to now barely over 1.0 (1.00000000001 to be precise), yet the STRONNNNNNNNNNGest stock in all the land JUST cannot be broken and taken apart by all the naysayers and dumbass bashers!!! I mean, LOOK AT THIS DYNAMO!!!

    By gawd, we longs are KILLING you schmucks! Ya hear me, we are PRINTING MEGABUCKS on this fugging $11.60 lolligagger! Up a dime, down a dime...up, down, up, down...down yesterdee, up today, down tomorrow. Earnings per share'll be up 100% again this year, lowering our P/E to 0.5, then adding another 100% next year which makes us 0.25 P/E on a forward basis! Heheh, AND SHORTS CAN'T BRING US DOWN!!!!! Nevermind that we NEVER see any share price least none that is SUSTAINABLE, as every time we SOMEHOW manage to see a $13 print, WHAM, SLAM, NO FRICKEN THANK YOU, MA'AM, for RIGHT freakin' back to $11.50 we go.

    SCREW EVERY DAMN ONE OF YOU HYPING POS MESSAGE BOARD PUMPERS/TOUTSTERS. You're all devoted in love with a hapless, listless, lagging DOG TURD, none of ya knowing a GAWDdarn thing about which you speak. Leading on day after day, every week, month and quarter that NM is on the cusp of IMMINENT RECOGNITION by a "Clueless Wall Street who keeps missing the ULTRA-compelling, deeply discounted valuation of this (ahem) _GEM_." SHARIGHT, ASSHOLES, LOOK IN THE MIRROR--THE MORONS ARE *YOU*, PROUDLY CLINGING STEADFAST TO A FLATLINING, GO-NOWHERE DUD! If not for your piddly $0.36/share dividend, you'd be here with your daily praisings of a ZERO PERCENT GAINER.

    I sure would hate to own, say a DRYS or a TBSI when I could be carrying this sideways bag, having all you guys backslapping one another to maintain the reassurance that "The good times they WILL be soon a comin'! Hang on just a WEE bit longer and REAP HUUUUUGE REWARDS! $20 STOCK. $25 AND UPWARD!!!"

    $11.50, $11.60, $11.50, $11.70, $11.50, $12.00, $11.50, $13.00, $11.50 ... Q2 eps =$2.17, +102% YoY ... $11.60, $11.50. DRYS = $95, $100, $200, 5-for-1 split, $40, $50, $75, $100! NM = $11.575, $11.60, $11.50. SCREW YOU POMPOUS YAHOOERS AND NMPOS, TOO!!! Do your silly HYPE drugs, living in infinite delirium and Denial w/ your doggy dud.

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