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  • tonyhenry260860 tonyhenry260860 Jan 25, 2011 11:19 AM Flag

    Risk-reward don't get much better

    With the healthy 4.7% yield, you can buy some here (scaling in) and wait for the shipping industry to turn - which it eventually, and surely, will.

    This is one of the most transparent and best run companies in the industry, too.

    That doesn't even factor in the takeover possibility (think VALE).

    At these prices this is screaming, BUY, BUY, BUY! Just don't buy all at once, and you'll rejoice if it goes lower so you can buy some more and improve on the yield now offered.

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    • and you dont like to buy and watch them go straight up either. what a tool. always a great sign when an investor who takes a beating in a stock throws in the towel. even better when they follow it up by bashing the stocks chances of going higher. stock immediately goes higher, rarely fails.

    • Of coarse you are wrong. You own the stock don't you? You can do all the research you want but that is not going to stop this stock from going lower. It is all about the BDI. You do not have to be a genius to figure it out. Seems everyone on this board chooses to ignor the facts. If you want to buy all the way down that is your choice. I do not like to play that game.

    • You have me wrong Clara Belle. I have been making money ever since I dumped this POS. You keep buying because you are going to deserve what you get. If this sector comes back do not see that before April and this stock can go down a long way before then. I am not the loser. I consider a loser someone who is losing money and that is not me. Look in the mirror if you want to see a loser.

    • ha....analyst on cnbc just talked about the shipping sector and mentioned dsx and navios partners as his favorites. bdi index at 2 year lows but expected to pick up again in second qtr. as some may have been guessing, the sector has had alot of bad news and the stocks might have nothing but bad news priced in. any turn may be great for the stocks longer term. what kind of idiot buys a stock for 5% dividend and huge upside potential? some people are just destined to be losers in the market i suppose.....

    • HIS TYPE ARE A DIME A DOZEN. ITS FINE TO have a different viewpoint but to think a stock can only be bought at the bottom is ridiculous. and to ridicule somebody for buying stock in a company they like and get 5% on while holding....just retarded. is it any surprise the stock went up 5% today right after he guarantees lower reminds me of mush from bronx tale!

    • All this blabber from someone who bought @ 7.20! Geez man did you do any research or are you just another jerk-off that we seem to have an abundance of.Somehow you guys have saturated the boards,you guy's can't possibly be investors with the crap you spew.but hey, I could be wrong.

    • If its going lower then buy later, and wait for a signal that the overbuilt ships can be used.

    • If you have been in this stock for awhile you have felt the pain. I got in this stock at $7.20 and it has been on a trip down. I have waited over a year and it doesn't come back. Yes the stock gets a bounce every now and then but it just continues on it's way down. I do not care if you buy the stock but facts or facts. This stock will not start up until the BDI starts up and I do not care how cheap it is. Buying a stock because it is cheap is stupid. Buying this stock to get a 5% divdend is stupid. It is a way to lose more money. If you want a dividend buy T, LLY, MO or any number of stocks which do not continue to go down. You need to come up with a better reason to buy this stock. Waiting for the bounce can cost you money. Everything I see is pointing for this stock to go lower. I do not make my money shorting stocks. I make money buying good stocks which go up and this is not one of them. You have a right to be scared when a stock goes down 6% in one day. That is not a sign that it is time to buy. I am still trying to figure out why anyone would recommend this POS?

    • If you are shorting this stock you will get burned. It sounds like you want to scare long term investors away. I hope that you get your opportunity to cover at $4.50 (Want2...), but don't count on it.

    • "If the Baltic Dry keeps going lower do you really think they can make the earnings number"

      Those who use long term contracts have a better shot than those who do not.

      "If this stock goes from $4.80 to $4 you have lost 20% of your money."

      If that happens you've lost 16.67%.

      do you also believe that if you lose 50% then gain 50% you're back where you started?

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