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  • Stewart_get_your_ass_in_here Stewart_get_your_ass_in_here Oct 31, 1999 1:17 PM Flag

    85 target is all other brokers

    I was checking out info that Wit Capital siad in
    their note. The funny thing is all the REAL brokers
    have kept their BUY rating on MKTW and have 85 dollar
    targets. The most recent buy on MKTW was issued just a
    couple of weeks ago. What was said below by smeone is
    true. As soon as wit put their BUY on the stock last
    spring it started going down. Now they put an outperform
    on it. I expect the opposite. We'll see.

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    • I do not comment on the value of my

      I do understand the difference between a good
      company and a good stock. I can make money on a crappy
      company because the stock is a good play. It comes down
      to investment strategies. Like you said, you are a
      trader. I am more like Warren. I look for companies that
      I consider to have long term viabilities. I think
      MKTW has such long term promise. Will they be able to
      capitilize on it? I don't know. I am willing to bet that
      they will. Lets face it, there are very few internet
      stocks that don't have a market cap that is outrageous.
      This is one of the reasons that I think there will be
      a shakeout in the near future. You will probably do
      quite nicely as a short over the next few months. I
      have personally pruned my internet portfolio and am
      ready to "ride the waves" for a while. What are you
      short at?

    • on the back, Mr. $1 million account at DLJ, are
      you hinting that you must have a big brokerage
      account somewhere to have gotten in on the IPO of

      Seriously, nice job on your note. You have described several
      reasons why you think MKTW is a good company, why you are
      long the stock, and admitted that your remaining
      shares are a gamble. I think all your points make sense
      and I appreciate them. (I too think that MKTW is a
      good company.)

      However, as I have asked others
      before, do you understand the difference between a good
      company and a good stock? It doesn't seem like you do.
      While your points illustrate why MKTW is a good
      company, how do you justify MKTW's current market cap? (Or
      better yet, what market cap do you think MKTW SHOULD
      have today?) That's the more important part of the

      Oh, one more thing. Let's face it, you and I are
      exactly alike except you're long and I'm short. You
      criticize me for insulting others and then insinuate that
      I'm "a scared little asswipe." I LIKE YOUR TACTICS

      P.S. How can you be from
      Omaha and think that Warren is a TRADER? He is an
      INVESTOR who looks for value. And I don't think he would
      find any in MKTW.

    • You don't have all of the facts. You have the
      facts that are available to the general public. Aren't
      you afraid of breaking your arm patting yourself on
      the back so hard?

      While I have sold off some
      of my MKTW position I am still holding on to a
      considerable amount. Why am I long on my remaining shares?
      Lets just call it a gamble. Technical analysis doesn't
      always paint the true picture. My shares were bought at
      the IPO price. There are a few things in the works
      that I think will create tremendous value for MKTW. I
      think they have a very good plan to continue to grow
      the ad revenue. I believe that the web companies are
      heading for a shake out pretty soon. Only the strong will
      survive and I personally believe that MKTW will be among
      them. They need to work on their subscription based
      services some more. I do know a little more about what is
      going on inside the company than most on this board

      While technical analysis is important and should always
      be the first step there is more to investing. IMHO,
      if you are going to invest in a company you better
      believe in their products. I believe MKTW is a quality
      financial site. They continue to grow revenue, web hits and
      advertising dollars. They have added many new relationships
      and products. They have brand recognition which is
      very important. Do I think you will see very much
      short term? No. But then again that is why I am

      Yes I do criticize you for being "abrasive". I don't
      care for people who think they are superior to others.
      Those type of people are usually nothing but scared
      little asswipes. You judge someone as being ignorant
      just because they do not agree with you. Well, I do
      not agree with you so you must be ignorant. If your
      sole purpose to to belittle people in this board than
      it is a waste of your time and you should move on.

    • WOW ... MKTW grabs another GREAT addition !
      She's one of my favorites at BLOOMBERG !
      And the stock perks up on that NEWS!
      Great JOB by MKTW !!!
      And two thumbs up !

    • It's his LOGIC to conclude..
      Anyone who's LONG
      is Wrong !
      Anyone who's SHORT is RIGHT !
      the LONGS have certainly came to this

      If he really PENALIZED IGNORANCE-
      He's be
      serving 20-to-life at this time.
      Has no VISION , Lost
      every Monopoly Game
      he's ever played because he
      refused to
      Grow , never bought a property , just
      to PASS go and Collect , while the other

      player's comtinues to buy properties, houses,
      and one day he LANDS on them and goes
      BELLY-UP !
      Same will happen to him in this
      real-life Internet
      Monopoly World .
      Point is that even ARISTOTLE whom
      formulated the science of logic, would have
      to wait at
      least 3 years to come to a logical
      opinion on a
      internet IPO.
      You are correct about this message board

      being a "WASTE of YOUR TIME", even more
      your post
      is a waste of our time.
      Everyone has a starting
      point in business..
      Sam Walton - a small store, Ray
      Kroc a vision
      of being the exclusive franchise
      mkt'er of
      McD., Tech guys starting in their
      Every LONG investor in MKTW and other NETS
      have this
      vision !
      Except you , and a few other's
      cannot do anything but try to short stocks
      and make a
      few bucks off of it !
      Ray Kroc once said "When
      your Green your
      GROWING and when your RIPE you
      start to ROT!
      MKTW is very green and growing , and
      for you , your expert opinions are
      P.S. without enough historical DATA to
      make any
      LOGICAl conclusions on an IPO.
      Just hope someone
      gives you CREDIT when
      CREDIT is due , because when
      you lose
      enough $$ in MKTW , you'll need all the
      you can get !



    • If I didn't have the facts on my side I'd be
      pissed too. But I do have the facts on my side. And,
      while I certainly don't know everything there is to
      know about the equity market, I do know quite a bit.

      So let me ask you this: Why are you long MKTW? Why
      do you think it is undervalued? Do you have any
      reasons? Or are you just as lame as the many others who
      refuse to explain their logic?

      You can criticize
      me for being abrasive, that's fair of you to say.
      But I call them as I see them. I give credit where
      credit is due, and I PENALIZE IGNORANCE - just like this
      market soon will.

      I'm beginning to wonder if
      this message board is a waste of my time. It seems
      that so few others write anything worth

      P.S. I don't believe you when you said of my postings,
      "I have yet to see one thing that you have said that
      makes sense." I know you're smarter than that.

    • Hey moron, have you ever gotten in on a major
      IPO? Do you know what it takes to get in on most
      IPO's? DLJ will gladly let you in if you have a measly
      $1 million with them. It always annoys the hell out
      of me to see assholes like yourself berating people
      for no reason. You should change your nick to
      Napolean since you obviously have a problem with delusions
      of grandeur. You continue to berate people on here
      for being stupid, but I have yet to see one thing
      that you have said that makes sense. Maybe if you
      weren't such a huge prick people might be more willing to
      discuss their investment strategies with you. Heaven for
      bid if you might actually learn something from
      someone else. I guess that wouldn't be possible since YOU
      Has Warren been begging you for pointers lately?

    • They're in it for nickels and dimes. And still
      they post their bull. How PATHETIC!!! Anybody with
      half a brain would know that CbsMarketwatch is a long
      play. The more the short shits post the more desperate
      they are. Hahahahaha. The twits downplay the internet
      while they post on it. Dah !!!

    • Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not trying to
      impress anyone with my investment track record,
      especially you. If you read through my posts you'll find
      very little bragging. I've said almost nothing about
      any profits I've made (unless it's been to disprove
      hair-brained theorists like yourself who say no one should
      invest or make money in MKTW). And I make no claims to
      deity. And past performance of my stake in MKTW is no
      indication of future returns, something I think even
      dimbulbs like yourself should understand. My only point
      was that people who invest in MKTW can make money,
      which evidently you don't seem to agree with. Well,
      that's fine with me.

      You obviously don't read
      posts very carefully, because I've never said that
      people shouldn't discuss financial analysis, P/E ratios,
      tendencies, and the like. And I'm certainly not offended by
      it. I merely stated that posters shouldn't be
      required to do so. We don't have to have economics degrees
      (as you surely must) and be CFA's (as you surely must
      be) in order to buy a stock and make a

      I'll say it again for the third (and last) time, and
      I'll try to use small words so you won't have any
      trouble understanding me. I don't have to tell you what I
      find useful in making investments decisions and
      neither does anyone else. If we want to say something
      here without 3 pages of evidence to back it up, that's
      our perogative. In the arena of investments, opposing
      viewpoints don't necessarily make one person wrong and the
      other right. What is offensive is blathering shriekers
      like you who - while providing interesting
      information, well-researched data, and an opposing view (all
      of which I think are great) - present your ideas in
      such a repulsive manner.


    • Keep posting the "fundamentals". These blockheads
      have to wake up some day as the stock eventually

      I agree with you, we have a First
      right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of stock with
      P/E ratios."

      Discussing revenue, or the lack
      thereof, is not a crime, the last time I checked.

      don't have any trouble with the longs spouting off
      about "hits" and other such nonsense. After all, it's a
      free country (to lose your money in).

      Keep up
      your postings


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