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  • tphcresci tphcresci Dec 17, 2010 5:26 PM Flag

    Okay Shorties you Got $5.00

    Okay Shorties you got your $5/share all of you Heroes. Now all of you heroes see they are paying off the bank lending agreements. Good
    Luck to all and Merry Christmas.

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    • newspaper_advertising newspaper_advertising Jan 19, 2011 10:13 AM Flag

      thanks for the heads up. I didn't know that. Anything of value to add?

    • Shorties you got $5.50 now!!!!

    • What Now Shorties???????

    • Okay Shorties!!!!!! $5.00 comming up again!!!!!Do you Short More!!!!

    • newspaper_advertising newspaper_advertising Dec 22, 2010 12:04 PM Flag

      Longtime, I shorted 4K shares last week at 5.08 so I have a position in this. I am impressed with the stock price holding up right near $5. I expect it to fall to $3.50-$4.00 in the short term.

      On another note, Retail advertising has remained solid and in fact continues to exceed last year. December is strong in department store advertising, I'd look for a 2% drop in total revenue for December, better than what we thought just a few weeks ago.

    • If you're short term bearish, you should have at least scaled into half of the short position you intend by now. My point is that if it gets as high as $5.10, it might actually suggest an additional short term "breakout" from the $5 resistance level. So you'd be going short right at the time, technically, that you shouldn't.

      You're still a valuable human being [!], and I have greatly appreciated your contribution here...dramatically so.

      I still wish you would come to accept that a lot of what Gary did, he did because he wanted to preserve his family's management of this company...and the current shareholders' equity ownership. Ultimately, you have to face and accept that that is his JOB. Could he have gone about it better, in the way he handled it? Probably so, but these were also incredibly trying times, and a lot of the decisions probably had to be made as dispassionately as possible...if they were going to get made at all.

    • newspaper_advertising newspaper_advertising Dec 21, 2010 10:17 AM Flag

      Nice find on the $1 $4 isue. As it says, "in a few years" this will be a $1 stock and Google will pay $4. I don't see Google buying here, certainly not at the multiple you suggest. I think there is a lot of hot air to be let out of this one, it is obvious to me that institutions don't want this stock to as it bounces up to $5, stays there for a few mintes, then settles underneath.

      With a company like Google, with so much cash in the bank from companies spending with them that used to advertise in print, there is no telling how they'll spend their money. Offering $5 BILLION for Groupon was staggering, but shows how much of a premium they are willing to spend on local advertising companies with a sound business model. Anything can happen when you have $35 billion in liquid assets. Ya gotta spend it somewhere.


      "when MNI is $1 in a few years google will buy for $4"

      Well - now that MNI is $5 will google pay $20?

      either way MNI up 100% since you said it was going to $1

    • newspaper_advertising newspaper_advertising Dec 20, 2010 11:00 AM Flag

      Do you realize the bank payoff also came witha CUT in the credit line of nearly $80 million? Not excactly positive news, having your short term credit line cut is it?

    • newspaper_advertising newspaper_advertising Dec 20, 2010 10:25 AM Flag


      Nearly infallible does mean not always right. Your comment adds nothing. I was "never a naysayer from the beginning" I just call em as I see em, and I am more right than wrong on this stock. Do I get it right every single time at exactly the right price? Of course not. But I do feel as though I have been pretty good on this one, and with more than 350% return in the last three years on this stock I feel ok.

      As for me getting any comfort from being attached to McClatcxhy blog you are dead wrong and shouldn't asume you know how I feel.

      I did get great joy in watching MNI squirm on the fact they tried to hide a $70 miilion theft from their pension plan and they have also lied about trying to recoup that loss through legal means. I don't think they even filed a claim, they don't have the money to pay an attorney to file suit and get the money back. That's sad and shows how little regard they have for people that worked there for years and years.

      I didn't expect to get fired andf your comments are rather insensitive but you are an a**hole no-nothing and I continue to laugh at your ignorance. I only feel for those good people that are left, working for a company that makes them take time off without pay, doesn't contribute to the pension plan, doesn't give their employees a pay raise, and has shipped hundreds of jobs to India (ad production, customer service etc.

      MNI is an example of what is wrong with this country, fat cat do-nothing CEOS at the top, shipping jobs overseas, loading up on debt, andf fattening their own paychecks at the expense of all other employees.

      I'mback, I also noticed you didn't answer my basic question, who is going to spend more money in newspaper print advertising in the next 1-3 years? I await your response.

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