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  • cohenjoe31 cohenjoe31 Feb 11, 2014 3:50 PM Flag

    ERB is moving too fast on low volume


    That's not excatly what I want.

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    • cohenjoe, you have to understand there may not be a lot of stock left out there. We know there was only about 7 million shares to begin with when this run started in September. Whoever bought last year most likely got out over the last thirty days and has moved on. But the shares have moved into strong hands (hopefully). I have been buying all the way down yet still left powder dry for the unexpected retest of the $2 level. It never happened as I noted that there was a large buy of 30K shares at $2.60.

      ERB has performed technically perfect according to all Fibonacci retracement levels. So from that standpoint the $2.50 level was the bottom (near the 78.6 fib retracement level of $2.45) a key area that let's fund managers know the bottom was in for this correction. People that say if your a long term investor what does it matter whether you buy at $3.80 or $2.80. Well a heck of a lot. If you're buying 100K shares you would be down $100K. In mark to market accounting that matters a lot. So averaging in on the downside limits the loss. It is just how it works. When the correction ended you're in the black faster. To the person that bought at $2.50-$2.60 you are already up 15-20%.

      So I am not worried about the low volume move at all. If Fox is right and ERB goes to $26 this year that means that ERB has to go up $2 a month for the next 11 months or even better if it happens in 6 months. That means big moves on low volume, high volume, average volume.

      Should be one heck of a run though. My only problem now is do I buy more in here or am I chasing it. Wait until we get above $5 then larger institutions can get on board.


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      • You seem to be an astute stock market investor, and also one who expects a rather rapid rise in ERB sp. ERB was above the current price for almost all of Jan., and the dip in early Feb. coincided with the overall market dip, which I think means that ERB otherwise would not have dropped so low, since it would not take many small retail investors to get spooked and sell , therefore driving the sp down on low volume. My point is, I do not see how you could consider buying more here chasing. In looking at the chart, we have seen 3 huge upward moves in the past 6 months, and it appears another one may be coming. If the next one is comparable to the others, sp could quickly go to $4 or $5. Seems it would be better to buy more at $3 if one thinks it is going higher.I would consider chasing by buying closer to $4 on the way up .Lots of people have missed out on some super stocks by trying to make sure they get in very low, and then get left behind when the stock makes a sudden move up. Not being critical, just stating opinion, as we both look forward to making lots of money here.

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