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  • rbgambler99 rbgambler99 Dec 4, 2012 1:32 PM Flag

    #$%$?...3.40 to 2.98 in a week?

    Left for Vac watched TGD hit 2.98?
    What changed in so short a time???

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    • What do you expect - this stock trades on hot air! The day mgmt decides to start paying a real dividend, the stock will trade on something concrete. Until then, all profits go into management's pockets - not yours dummie!

    • I have warned all along - The company's management won't discuss in any way shape or form how they plan to transfer the wealth generated at the mine to the owners. The only wealth transfer going on is into the pockets of the management. Until they tell you how you will get money by owning this thing it simply trades on hot air, rumor and inuendo. The moment you can break even - get out.... And beware skysss12 - ask him how he plans to get wealth out of this other than pimping the stock and hoping more suckers fall into the trap.

    • It has been my experience to keep a close watch on stocks the last couple weeks in December every year. (especially if under $5 stocks) Speculate a lot of window dressing for yearly portfolios and taking a profit or a loss on stocks. If just window dressing, TGD should come back this year.

      If mutual funds have +million shares (usually $5-10 stocks), and if they decide to buy or sell this is a huge impact to share price at end of year & sometimes end of quarters


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    • Come on guys, there is no change! This stock has roughly doubled in just a few months. You think there might be some profit taking, especially in light of the coming increase in LT cap gains? Where there are profits to be taken, at least some always are. Soon as this exercise is over, it will be on to new all time highs.
      My fingers aren't crossed, because it's a given that this one is going higher, much higher. With the increase in crushing capacity and higher mill head grades combined with lower production cost due to higher mill run 2013 will at least hit guidance of 130 K oz. That's a real healthy increase in tonnes and oz, hence profits.

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    • Don't know. Really searched for info but none to be found. Keep our fingers crossed for reversal.

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