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  • simulpaolo68 simulpaolo68 May 8, 2013 6:50 AM Flag

    strong results

    TGD is a 10$ stock

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    • You may be right, but I am beginning to think that it doesn't even matter. Results get better and better and we can't even get the 3 bucks. Meanwhile the market hits records highs and companies like Tesla motors go to 56 bucks on news that they might break even this year. If we cant make it now, imagine what is going to happen to TGD and other gold stocks when the powers that be decide its time to take this phony stock market down. The value is there sure, but the hedge funds, gov and central banks want people to shy away from gold and the gold stocks and they punish anyone who owns them.

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      • I've read a lot of crazy stuff but what I see on this message board really takes the cake. I started talking a year ago about the fact that the management of this company WILL NOT transfer the wealth that they make to the shareholders. They stuff it in their pockets and laugh all the way to the bank leaving the shareholders a bunch of paper that trades on rumor and inuendo.

        I will state it again here as clearly as I can: "THE STOCK OF THIS COMPANY WILL LANGUISH UNTIL THE MANAGEMENT DECLARES A DIVIDEND OR STARTS TO BUY THE STOCK BACK". Until this happens you guys will have nothing but lines on your trading accounts that state that you owns shares in something called Timmins. I'd rather have CASH in the bank. If you don't like the share price, start seriously harrassing the management about the fact that they WILL NOT TRANSFER THE COMPANY'S WEALTH TO THE OWNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Joe,
        Shortly the physical market will overtake and render useless the paper market that is currently pricing gold. Note what happened today on physical demand from around the world, no longer just the far east. After that happens the US$ looses it's world reserve currency status. Next, out of necessity the $, Yen, Lb, & Euro get printed into oblivion(who else will buy their bonds), Then your "powers that be" won't have a dam thing to say about it as gold goes to several thousand $s p/oz. TGD will then be a minimum of $20 or $30. I watched this happen in 1980. The current scenario is setting up just the same. Gold went up 800% right after a 50% correction.----sit tight!

    • Yep. One of the many benefits of a low-cost producer! Someone will buy them out. Too cheap for the intrinsic value.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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