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  • monstros1 monstros1 Mar 7, 2013 2:42 PM Flag

    Waiting for Verification

    Let's not get too greedy here, the stock is priced right for what is currently known about the oil situation on Rodinia's land which is next to nothing. We know the geology is similar to the Linc property but there has to be a commercial discovery, otherwise the land is not worth jack. I know we would be hearing the results if they were positive. The stock is up about 3-fold in the last 6 months so it has not been unnoticed. On a positive note, all the big up-ticks have come on big volume days which tells me the big boys have taken interest. On the other hand, there is no existing infrastructure here (correct me if I am wrong). It is going to take some big outlays in capital and some years to get that oil to market. For the record I own a small steak, but would feel a lot better with some news.

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    • I agree with you after having another look at the map. Linc Energy's land cover most of thee Arckaringa basin and has spent $30mil AUD on drilling to date to estimate the potential. Rodinia's land is clearly locate out site this Arckaringa basin and could have a different geology formation all together. You need to do some drilling works to prove your worth.

    • Biggest negative is they abandoned the wells they drilled as uneconomic. The question is whether that is with conventional technology or could fracking make them economic. Agree with you that basically they need a partner or to sell out to exploit the rights.