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  • ryan5542002 ryan5542002 Nov 3, 2006 12:57 PM Flag

    Before anyone cracks a smile regarding

    this piddance of a move, please, regain your perspective.

    Before this company reported 4th QTR 2005 #'s, the conversation here was how long would it take us to get to 45.

    Given what we know now regarding 06 results, many, myself most definitely at the front of the line, wouold have thought 50 was in the bag.

    Psychology in this group is so bad that the Jefferies ANALyst actually had the BALLS to cut PTEN's price target to 25 from 27 yesterday???????????

    If this is the change we've been waiting for, and I'm getting more encouraged by the minute, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT SELLING


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    • "Over 16 mill SHORT, this rally should hold ! "

      The 16 million means absolutely nothing.

      To begin with it's only about 3 days' volume. Further, I'd bet the majority of the shorts are effectively covered by the convertible note or options.

    • This nagging feeling inside my guts tells me that this is a 1 day move before Monday or Tuesday finds us right back where we started, around 132 on the OIH.

      The spectre of Nancy Pelosi doesnt sit well with this group -- and if the move in oil has to do with some bomb threat at a BP plant then the air comes out MOnday.

      I love my gold and my oil, but I have a huge urge to sell the heck outa the long leg of my NBR position right now.

      Im trying to resist...

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