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  • ryan5542002 ryan5542002 Dec 1, 2006 11:30 AM Flag

    Lions and Tigers and ESV, oh my

    I'm already LOADED, but I'm buying more.

    It's time to put your chips on the table.

    Check out the options - SEADRILL is the BUYER -

    ESV's CEO THORNE is retiring, and this stock is WAY TOO CHEAP.

    If you want to know what's responsible for the snapback in the OIH - THIS IS IT

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    • buyout rumors are circling some these stocks. NBR is one of them.

    • I really didn't mind so it is alright if it doubles the percentage gain of the oih.

    • "deep water: gsf, do rig, esv (I think esv has some land)"

      ESV is mostly a premium jackup fleet(WD>225), 43 jackups(one 400ft under construction, 1 ultra deep semi(3 under construction),1 platform(which they are selling), & 1 barge rig.

      No land. you may be thinking of RDC...

    • I mean at the end of the five year, you'd have an amount where just 2% covered calls a month pays off your house for free

    • I only posted the breakdown of subsectors since it is important to know if esv is going up, that doesnt mean slb will too.

      Frankly, I think the drillers are the most vulnerable in the next few years

      think about it. . .

      the world needs new rigs built, so they are safest subsector, nov and drq, and clb, and fti, and they cant be built fast enough so they have huge margins

      then, they have to be used which uses services cos like slb and hal

      and the rigs need to be rented out, esv, nbr, do, gsf etc

      however, rigs can be rested for a few days given surplus conditions/lower demand.

      but those parts are much more safe since it takes a year or so to build a rig. half way thru building it, you cant back out of the deal.

      drill rigs can take days off.

      so, in the end, if you want the safest oih play, nov, drq, clb, fti seem the safest.

      plus, drq always has the fattest covered call %, you can today still get 3% on at the money covered calls for 2 weeks worth of time. If you could do that every month for 5 years with a nice chunck of money, say start with $40K you'd be able to pay off your house at the end

    • word. I'm loaded to the brim. hope it's true.

      • 1 Reply to funk7856
      • not to kill your buzz, if esv gets bought we all go up,


        the seadrill rumors buying esv has meat on the bones how? besides the one article that said seadrill MAY be buying up a driller and MAY do it in 2 days or 2 years?

        something is up over there, that's for sure, but we here have seen TWICE false rumors drive up hope.

        but good luck, I hope you're right.

        I have said since summer that a serious buyout of ANY oih company sends the whole sector to all time highs.

        It's just somebody has to get bought first.

        and we're still waiting.

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