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  • tmarak tmarak Jan 7, 1998 7:16 PM Flag

    Buy Back

    Are you long term bullish ?
    If so, why ?
    If not, why ?

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    • I used to be bullish on CHRS, until they announced ( that they were bringing in outside consultants (selected Earle Palmer Brown) to handle four of their major departments (advertising, strategic planning, market research and, perhaps, public relations). That was the worst and best news I've heard from them since 12/93.

      For the last 2 yrs they were woking according to a "restructuring Plan", so was Brown part of that plan? It shakes my faith in the current management that they were telling the truth or their plan is pie in the sky. According to Sally Philson, account supervisor at Earle Palmer Brown, said of Charming Shoppes. "Their image is fragmented."

      Advertising should start to rollout in March of 98, so what will happen till then. They miss big business this past Holiday Season, and their traditional next push in sales is not until April, and then what?

      If you look at the competetition, Today's Man and Petre Stores, their closing left and right, maybe the women's speciality stores are a thing of the marketing past. Who knows ?

      I do know that stock price of this company is directly tied to their sales figures which have been slipping over a period of years, and have tracked the company since 1990. Look for the price to head for the low fours-high three's before April.
      If they get a solid plan together and can coordinate their departments together, they maybe able to hold in the four dollar range through March, then look for a two dollar rise through April/May season, and if sales are not better, look for a fall back to the four dollar range until next August with back to school sales. That only my opinion from the information that they have release. Looking forward to the meeting.

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