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  • michael_sw62 michael_sw62 May 16, 1999 9:28 AM Flag

    Look what I found while wandering about

    the message boards this past week and they are
    two exciting companies, both of which are from two of
    Pickle's suggestions. Pickle suggested a look at BFCI
    (Braun's Fashions Corporation) and ACMR (A. C. Moore, Inc)
    both trading on NASDAQ under the symbols

    I did my own Due Diligence and liked what I saw,
    like yourself and bought in at 8 and then paid a
    little less a few days later. At current prices, I've
    got an almost 50 % gain and it's in less than 3
    months and according to all the stats I read on BFCI, I
    still consider it very "undiscovered" and look for BFCI
    to go through it's peak of last year of 14 3/8 and
    move up to the 16's for a minimum. At 16, with $ 1.50
    expected in earnings for this year, and with BFCI opening
    30 new stores in this current fiscal year, I
    consider it only "fairly" valued at 16. BFCI has a website
    which is:

    In all my years in buying stocks, I've found that
    Wall Street always works in excess. When a stock
    should get punished for a poor performance, it's always
    punished more than it should be. And conversely, when a
    stock should ride the crest of euphoria, it always
    moves up further than it should. If BFCI comes under
    this very common Wall Street "spell," it's entirely
    possible for it to penetrate the 16's on the upside and
    move to ? It's then and only then that I'll decide to
    leave this "ship" and look for another "ferry" for my
    investment $$$.

    BFCI has $ 10 M in cash which amounts
    to $ 2.05 cash in every share. Long term debt is
    down to $ 200 K. Their Current ratio is 3.23 to 1,
    excellent for a retailer.

    Meanwhile, at 11 3/4, BFCI
    is still very much a bargain and yet to be
    discovered by the searching eyes of Wall Street uncovering

    Pickle also recently showed me A. C. Moore, Inc. (ACMR)
    on NASDAQ and called my attention to the June issue
    of Worth Magazine in which MIKE (Michael's Stores)
    was noted as one of 7 value oriented stocks to invest
    in today for uncommon growth. ACMR is one of MIKE's
    competitors in this vast fast growing $ 11 B Arts and Crafts
    Industry. With MIKE having a PE ratio in excess of 18, if
    you just apply a price to ACMR based on 75 % of
    MIKE's PE, you will see ACMR selling in the low 9's and
    if MIKE continues it's upward path, ACMR will be
    dragged even higher. Analysts project $ .69 for ACMR this
    current fiscal, up from last year's $ .51. ACMR was a B.
    T. Alex Brown new issue at 14 less than 2 years ago
    and has already traded at 19 within the past 12
    months. Go to the ACMR website and view their

    Both of these companies, BFCI and ACMR make real
    investment sense and are what I consider undiscovered and
    extremely undervalued.

    Have a great weekend.

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    • you're right. My sources are telling me the same
      thing. They have money and technology, but no pipeline
      or logistics management. They are looking for
      retailers with fulfillment infrastructure, like catalog
      operaters. The delias/ I-turf is a good example of a spin

      Now that Pauh has a catalog and fulfillment, maybe
      this is a way to cash out CF with dignity and have the
      new guys hire some real reatilers to run both.

      By the way, I think Gantos has an infrastructure
      that someone could pick up cheap in a

      As far as finishing the sentence on CF, well lets
      let monski do that. He has the mouth for it. When
      things cool down on the Pauh board, maybe we can get
      back to the basics of change there.

      Do you
      know anyone on the inside at Pauh?
      I sure would
      like a crack at CF on the

      By the way, has DB pursued the . com route?
      should be here next route.

      Heres to a great


    • It's Attilla the Hen (CF to all new posters) that
      I would like to..., well you take care of

      On reflection and too much to drink I agree that
      bringing in a Limited person would be great to pull the
      two groups together and eliminate redundancies. The
      CFO, Tony is OK but you need an operator in mergers to
      make it happen, not accountants.

      So DB, as you
      roll out of bed in Barr. today pick up the phone and
      call Andrea Weiss at LTD corp, make her COO. Let's get
      cooking and get the stock to $10 in June.

      Strike I see a lot of Retailers under consideration for
      acquistion as the ""r's have come to their senses and
      realized that supply chain management is as critical to
      their survival as a cool website. I hear a lot is in
      the works from some buddies.

      I also drank too
      much because of the investment in RAD, oh

      Ker Flush

    • Doesn't she have a CFO that is hard nosed?
      Department store exec's typically don't fit in well in
      specialty stores. I opt for a Limited Store exec. None more
      ruthless than a graduate of Les's school for the

      Sorry, I'm not going to the NRF this year. Got a new
      assignment that will keep me busy for a while.

      Chicago thing, is the speculation that CF and DB were
      meeting last year. As it turns out, DB had a better thing
      going with CATH it would appear. Don't think that CF
      and DB would have been good sisters

      Long term, you play on RAD may work. The Fred Meyers
      guy brought out his entire team with him. They
      cleaned house and needed to.
      RAD is another expansion
      story gone bad.

      Don't you wish retailers would
      stop expanding in bricks and morter and get with the
      .com fad?

      Anyway, its about time DB gets with
      the program as well.



    • I agree she needs to bring in someone who is
      objective and has no axe to grind. I think she needs to
      surround herself with some butt kicking operations person,
      I think she has too many yes men/womem, not
      sycophants but still no one with a hard edge, like a May Co.
      operating person.

      What is the reference to Chicago

      I agree ther PAUH board is out of control with very
      little discussion about the business, I am tempted to
      call the monski guy, but why waste one's

      Are you going to the NRF? I can't so I will leave the
      challenge up to you to woo Dorritt and tell her how to
      improve the biz, maybe takeover Indy? Tell her i send all
      of my love!!!

      Flush. PS I got in RAD at 9.00
      msut be nuts!!

    • 16619�of�16705The hot stock pick of the week -

      Analysts predict strong buy on TTRIF
      and target price
      for TTRIF is $0.35 to $0.50

      1) Expect revenue
      to increase($1.2 million) and
      business expanding
      (secured $200 million in
      long-term debt

      2) New Management team will start a stock
      Program soon and will aggressively pursue new

      This stock is going to be very hot and is about to

      Check it out

      ARET(5/12)->TTRIF (5/19)
      Don�t miss it this time.

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