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  • meanscreen2000 meanscreen2000 May 1, 2002 6:28 PM Flag

    what's going on?

    You can spin all you want.
    As you speak each day, the stock tumbles.
    All that good news, or so it seems good news,meant nothing to the street or retail investors/traders.
    What's your answer/opinion on why we see a continued slide and sell off.
    I'll listen..., I always do.

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    • spin, just the facts, as per my last post. You're asking me why people are selling this stock at $2.35. I have no idea why people sell at this level but I will speculate a bit. I think people are scared of Nasdaq right now; there are many people out there with an extremely low cost in this stock (including me, but I've been averaging up) that are locking in profits in a down market; no analyst coverage, so there's no market support after a good earnings report (let's face it, many retail brokers have buried clients in the past 18 months, and with this being a retail stock, how much airtime do you think it's getting with the average investor?); as hard as Doretti and Company are trying, they're not getting much airtime with analysts because there is no banking deal to be had at this point; the software sector is in the crapper; until the stock trades over $5 it will be touigh to get fund managers interested; yada, yada, yada. I could go on, but you get the picture.

      I'm not here to spin anything. I see a well-run (I've met Doretti and Wasserman and they're top-notch) company with a reasonable valuation, increasing revenues in a difficult environment. They have an excellent ROI proposition (hence the growth in a tough market segment), better technology then the competition (did you listen to the Marimba and Novadigm results?), and a sustainable business model.

      If you agree, you buy the stock at these levels. If you disagree, you sell the stock, or short it if possible. I just happen to like small companies, addressing large market segments, with a sustainable business model. Hope that helps.