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  • neon_larry_l neon_larry_l Oct 8, 2002 3:13 PM Flag

    Just starting to cover ONTC

    Just starting to watch this stock. I have a million questions but for this company they seem to all come back to expenses and cash flow. I understand the broad picture and the value that this software can have in a hedge as IT spending is pressured but here are my worries:

    1. I don't see how they can become positive this year without reducing Sales and marketing to 35% of revenue, R&D to 30% and G&A to 15%. These are all historical lows but not dramatically so. Thoughts? If they approach these lower expense margins are they going to continue to grow? At best I see $.17 a share next year.

    2. Cash flow- they have been $14M negative for cash flow over the past 3 years, compensated for through $14M in private placements. I see how they should be approaching positive cash flow for this year but I question whether they will become significantly negative again as soon as they start to make investments in the future again. CAPEX has been falling significantly the past few years. When does that come back and when do they realize that they are more dependent on reliable private placements than they thought? How diluted are these shares going to get everytime the company needs cash. In '00, Doretti predicted profitability by the end of '01- now we are a year late- how much financial and human horsepower does this company have to push forward their operations?

    3. Service revenue has been growing 25% a year while Product revenue has been slipping- is service a lagging revenue that will fall soon in response to the slide in sales revenue? Is this service revenue for the sales made around y2k being updated and will slump as product sales did after y2k or is this service revenue that is tied to recent purchases and service revenue is now just taking on a more significant role in the operations of customers?

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    • <<Service revenue has been growing 25% a year
      while Product revenue has been slipping>>

      Hey Larry from neonland,

      I'm not sure where you got your numbers from (maybe you were thinking of another stock), but you should check the SEC filings before you post your lies.


      Period CCM Svc Other Total

      2Q 02' 5.96 2.89 0.00 8.85
      1Q 02' 5.51 2.72 0.00 8.23
      4Q 01' 5.10 2.41 0.01 7.52
      3Q 01' 3.55 2.16 0.00 5.71
      2Q 01' 3.45 1.85 0.45 5.75
      1Q 01' 3.13 1.99 0.12 5.24

      You owe everyone on this message board an apology for making schit up, and trying to scare everyone into selling.


      • 1 Reply to swerd96
      • swerd,

        thanks for yelling at me, jumping to conclusions and accusing me of lies.

        1. fyi: Contrary to your assumption, I am bullish on this stock. i am most critical of stocks i want to invest in. i already know what is right with this stock, its on the board and i don't need to regurgitate it. stocks i'm not interested in aren't worth my time to bash.

        2. To help you understand financial statements let me give you a tip: 3 months in a QUARTER, 12 months in a YEAR.

        In m previous post I said that
        "<<Service revenue has been growing 25% a year
        while Product revenue has been slipping>>
        And you respond by calling me a liar and cite not YEARLY information but QUARTERLY.

        (you wrote: "check the SEC filings before you post your lies... PRODUCT REVENUES ARE GROWING 14% Q/Q")

        On a YEARLY basis their "Net CCM and related Products" revenue has gone from 17,993 (1999) to 16,073 (2000) to 15,188 (2001). That is what I call SLIPPING. (more accurately, "has fallen 11% and 5% over the past two years"). Over the same time service revenue has increased from 5,524 (1999) to 6,633 (2000) to 8462 (2001). Those are yoy gains of +20% and +28% respectively so I approximate by saying that service revenue has grown 25% a year. Tell me if I am going too fast for you.

        Now I understand that recent quarters have beens strong and I love to see that. I understand that operating revenue should just about break even this year due to increases in both product and service revenue.
        However, I believe that I understand the quarterly/recent growth story pretty well so I was looking to gain bigger-picture insight into their sales (lag time between service and product sales for example) and financing strategies moving forward. Thanks for helping.

        lastly, you wrote:
        "You owe everyone on this message board an apology for making schit up, and trying to scare everyone into selling."

        I take that personally as I work hard to do quality research. If you can show me where I have made anything up or was even slightly misleading I will be happy to apologize. Otherwise it is not my credibility at stake, but yours and you and the board can decide who owes who an apology.

    • I'll reply to part1 of your post.

      The large expense ratio was in response to the percieved and real high demand for the On Tech packages. As more contacts are announced, and they will be, you will see that ratio drop to about 20%. It was a good move to spend the money upfront and capture customers. Its not like buying shoes. The field test and integration into a customers system takes months to test drive and trouble shoot.
      I would assume we will see more in the final phase and more signed contracts.
      Look for upfront revenue & defered revenue numbers. SCM,and ESM type companies are notoriuos for booking outrageous defered revenue numbers.

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